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Aug 29, 2001 04:49 PM

Those who know their history...

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Well, i just wasted about a haf hour having a great time. Doing what, reading old chowhound. I've been on this board for about a month, and about the fartherest back I had gone was the Las Tablas/Tango Sur thread. Then, this afternoon, it takes a New Yorker! to point out that a good maxwell street thread exists.

Really, like you'd think i invented the place. So, there are some really great posts back there. I'm off to Penguin as soon as possible, when do they close? by the way, near by, at kedzie, there are some great middle-eastern and persian places. also has anyone ever been to the parillada nortena? is it true notena cuisine, carne seca and flour tortillas? finally, as to the stuff about joy yee, has anyone been to hon kee, down the mall. it is a similar assortment of asian oddities, mostly excellant. and i love the way the waitresses write each item on your order on a little piece of paper.

to all that our newer to this board like me, it pays to know your history.

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  1. And a MAJOR treasure trove are our tons of archived General Topics messages.

    It's such a shame that more hounds don't dig through that stuff. It's some of the best, most compelling food info in existence, and it's sitting dormant.

    If you have free time, your surfing will be infinitely rewarded


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Yeah, agreed, but i'm always short on time. Like now, ferinstance.

      1. re: Cliff

        It awaits you on a rainy day.

    2. I think the penguin closes at 11pm.

      1. Vital Information,
        As your "New Yorker!", I take exception to your exclamation mark, but forgive you because of all your helpful postings.

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        1. re: Evan
          Vital Information

          Evan, i only meant that it was *you* who got me to look further down the postings, not that you were a new yorker per se..

          if it means anything to you, i was in new york in june and ate pretty well:katz's, b&h, john's pizza, balthazar, churascaria platforma, which reminds me, you'd think brazilian bar-b-que would have caught on in chicago, we're pretty big on meat here...

          have fun on your forages