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Aug 29, 2001 10:57 AM

Chowdown Update -- Menu Comments?

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The Place: Lao Sze Chuan
2172 S Archer Av

The Date: Sunday, Sept 2, 2001

The Time: 7:00

The Guests: The current count is 17, as delineated in VI's post below. (We are all right re: money, if as few as 13 show up.)

The Current Menu:

An Assortment of Hot and Cold Appetizers

Seafood and Tofu Soup
Spicy Salt and Pepper Crab
Whole fish with Tofu and Spicy Sauce
Tea-Smoked Duck
Dry Chili Rabbit
Szechuan Eggplant (Veggie)
Peapod sprouts with Frsh Garlic (veggie)
Lamb with Pure Cumin

Fruit Plate
Rice Pudding

The cost: $25 / Person. (i think this includes tip, but I think I'll call to double check: does anyone who's arranged something like this before have any idea if it's standard to include or not include tip?)

Booze: BYO! (There was no mention of a corkage fee)

Notes: Please peruse the menu and let me know if there are any glaring omissions, unbalanced elements, etc. For thems that have access to a menu, let me know if there are any items there that seem like must-eats. I myself was waffling between the Twice fried pork with Cilantro JiaZhou style and the Lamb dish. Vincent (tony's partner) is very willing to make changes during the week this week, so please don't be shy about expressing your preferences. I'm also dubious about the crab, but Vincent seemed insistent that everyone would like it. Do we need dessert or would our dollars be better spent on sampling another entree or two?

I'm looking forward to meeting you all on Sunday...

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  1. Sounds really good to me.

    In terms of tip, it's pretty customary that a preset price would include tip, but I would certainly call ahead to ensure that this is indeed the case. At the very least, our server(s) will appreciate it!

    Thanks for organizing this, and looking forward to seeing all of you on Sunday.

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    1. re: Michael
      Vital Information

      Great job Seth. The menu sounds great. I would not subtract anything!

      As there are 18 people who have indicated they want to come, if we add anything, I'd suggest some dumplings or related that are on the menu under, i believe, snacks. At a minimum, we need some buns to go with the duck (they come with anyways, but it the traditional side for sichuan duck, as pancakes are for peking duck).

      As to desert, i'm all for it. for one thing i'm all for desert in general. for another, chinese deserts can be pretty special and unique and something most of of us seldom get to try. when we ate sichuan in hong kong, we had these great donuts for desert (suggestion for tony?)

      i'll bring some kind of booze option

    2. Seth, thanks again for setting things up.

      Unfortunately, i have misplaced my menu but FWIW My vote would be more entrees,less dessert. That pork dish sounds very nice indeed.

      Hey after all we could always walk down the mall and grab a bubble drink from joy yee's or grab something from the chinese bakery.

      1. The menu looks great. Don't change a thing. Thanks for the headsup on booze. Personally, i will bring beer. I think the server(s) should receive a gratuity, even if it is supposedly included in the cost of the dinner. Look forward to actually meeting people Sunday.

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        1. re: Cliff

          Don't bring beer - they have a liquor license. Tsing Tao and a house wine.

          1. re: TJR

            The impulse for BYO was to simplify the paying process: no need to fight one's way out of food coma to deal with complex calculations at the end of the meal. If that seems overly cautious, then people should feel free to order liquor at the restaurant, and settle up separately with the bar.

            1. re: Seth Zurer

              well, do they allow byo? Some places with licenses do and some don't.

            2. re: TJR

              Oh, good. I was under the impression from one of the first postings that they did not have a liquor license. In fact, i think someone else indicated that they will bring beer. But i'm there for Tsing Tao, and it will be easy enough to find if this is not the case. Thanks for the info.

          2. Just wondering which are spicy and which are not? I love spicy but at least 2 people asked for non, and it looks like 4 dishes are and 3 are not and it's not clear if the lamb is. It's easier for spice likers to eat non-spicy than non-spicers to eat hot stuff :)

            1. Hi all,

              just wanted to let you know I put the menu question out to the general chowhound board to see if there are any famous szechaun dishes we shouldn't miss