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Aug 27, 2001 12:57 PM

The Penguin - address or phone number?

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Does anyone have the street address or phone number of this ice cream place?


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  1. 2723 w. lawrence. south side of the street, set back, sandwiched between Han Bat korean restaurant and a laundromat.

    It is odd that their listing does not show up in any on-line directory (www.yellow,, metromix, citysearch) luckily I had their refrigerator magnet at home. If you go in you may want to let them know about this - they may be able to get their place listed.

    Also, I have been 5 or 6 times now, and the TV is always on and always loud. There are basically two choices- Agentinian MTV and soccer from Foxworld sports. The soccer makes for a much less annoying hang-out. So check your local cable-guide.

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      Ezio Magarotto

      Thanks! I also found it strange their address/phone info was no where to be found on the net.