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Aug 27, 2001 01:54 AM

wine bars

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I am going on a trip from Los Angeles to Chicago to New york. The purpose of this trip is to visit as many wine bars and restaurants with good wine programs as possible. Ive heard of Bin 36 and trotters but can anyone give me some more names. We have 4 days in Chicago and are going for the sole purpose of exploration. Thanks

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  1. I hope you're passing through San Francisco, home of America's oldest wine bar - London Wine Bar.

    1. Try any or all of the following. Bistro Ultra is a particular favorite. Enjoy

      Beviamo Wine Bar
      1358 W. Taylor St.

      Bistro Ultra
      2239 N. Clybourn Ave., Chicago
      (773) 529-3300.
      French, American Contemporary/Regional.
      Dinner: seven days.
      Open late: Friday & Saturday till 11.

      Cyrano's Bistrot & Wine Bar
      546 N. Wells St., Chicago, (312) 467-0546.
      French. Lunch, dinner: Tues-Sat. Closed Sun, Mon

      Webster's Wine Bar
      1480 W. Webster, Chicago, (773) 868-0608.
      American. Dinner: seven days.
      Open late: Saturday till 3, other nights till 2.

      1. We love Webster's Wine bar (listed already) and I have been to Bin 36 (overpriced yet trendy and impersonal :) and also like Pops for Champagne, which has live music and an awesome champagne list. If you get there before the music starts you sometimes avoid paying the cover :)

        Pops for Champagne
        2934 N. Sheffield Ave.

        Finally, we haven't been there, but people have recommended this place (it's connected to a wine shop)
        The Tasting Room
        1415 W. Randolph St.

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        1. re: lee

          Yup, Pop's is the place.

          I have gone there for late night and for Sunday brunch. Both were great experiences...

          I will never forget the glass of a 1928 Madeira I had there...mmmmmm

          1. re: Jill-O
            Vital Information

            1) How much did it cost?

            2) What did it taste like. I cannot even concieve what such experience would be like

            3) Obvious question, was it worth it?

            4) Was this the most expensive drink you have ever had?

          2. re: lee

            I can see how Bin 36 (339 N Dearborn) could be described as trendy and impersonal; the first time I went I almost didn’t go in because that was my immediate first impression. I now like the place a lot and visit frequently.

            For the best experience here are a few tips. It is essential to sit at the bar. You won’t have a chance to discuss and sample if you sit at the tables. Go at off hours. If you show up Friday at 8pm you won’t get much personal attention. Discuss what you want and what you thought of your last glass. A couple of the most knowledgeable bartenders have left but some still know their stuff. Try to talk with Brian, the wine manager. The main menu lists the 50 wines they are serving by the glass. There’s also a dessert wine list as well as a bottle list. They usually have a few other bottles open so don’t forget to ask.

            Another place to try might be the Hudson Club (504 N Wells). I really don’t like this place at all but they do have 100 wines by the glass. I haven’t been for a while and have heard it’s not quite the hotspot it used to be which might make it a little more tolerable. I’m pretty sure it’s still the biggest by-the-glass selection, including some good stuff, so it’s definitely worth a look.

            I’ve only been to the Tasting Room once but will probably give it another try (the words overpriced, trendy, and impersonal come to mind!). An interesting wine list and spectacular views of the skyline upstairs. I think they may still have half-price Mondays.

            You know about Sam’s Wine (1720 N Marcey), don’t you? By far the biggest and best wine store in the city.

          3. Rudi's Wine Bar & Cafe
            2424 N Ashland Ave
            Chicago, IL 60614-2021

            Phone: (773)404-7834

            They are a quasi-restaurant. I've found some of their dishes tasty, others inedible.


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            1. re: joel

              Rudi's is, alas, no more. At least, the last time we drove by there it was shuttered. Bisttro Ultra is a venue opened, with a GREAT deal of Rudi's help, by a former RWB chef. Has Rudi's re-opened? Twould be lovely if it has...