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Aug 24, 2001 04:46 AM

Thai Pastry

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On Broadway. Thought I recalled someone mentioning it earlier but cannot find thread. Anyone been? Got a rather non-descript delivery menu but started getting the Chowhound shakes at some of the stuff on there.

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  1. I thought it was fine. Standard fare, and I had a good green curry there. Nothing outstanding, but decent enough.

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    1. re: Michael
      Vital Information

      Some how Thai Pastry got itself a good publist. So many dives in the argyle/broadway area, yet Thai Pasty got the write-ups.

      Our one visit was unimpressive. The catfish, especially, did not seem so fresh. The place nearby that I believe delivers the best,and most authentic thai in Chicago is Thai Super Chef. It is in a strip mall on lawrence between broadway and sheridan. I no of no other thai resturant in the city with a list of daily specials written in thai.

      Knowing no thai, we sometimes got frustrated with the smallish menu of thai super chef, an advantage to thai pastry, but the particular dishes all taste so good. The papaya salad, the pad prik (or something like that, it is ground meat, either pork or beef in a very spicy sauce) and the mussamun curry are some of my favorites.

      I saw a thread below about mango and sticky rice. If mango's are in season or at least fresh, you will find them here. And if the place is a bit smelly, someone might be even having durian instead of mango.

      final thoughts on thai, has anyone been to lotus of siam in vegas?

      1. re: Vital Information

        I agree on the whole with VI's assessment. On the whole standard fare competently but not spectacularly done. I ordered an eel curry off the specials, hopng that since the place to get buy raw eel is just up the street on argyle, it would be fresh,but it was off (not enough tunover, i guess) also it was not a very meaty eel and x-sectioned rather than filet - tough eating.

        That being said there are a couple dishes they do pretty well. They have a very good chive dumpling appetizer which is not on the menu of many thai places in chicago.(only other one I know of is at the thai place in evanston that has outdoor seating) Their thia custard dessert (a personal favorite of mine) in the glass case up front is a very good rendition, earthy and dense.

        I have not tried Thai Super Chef ( and I will - it was my question about mango w/sticky rice)some picks so far on thai restaurant strengths:

        At the Thai grocery store on Argyle there is a steam table in back which has a nice thai eggplant green curry(using the little green thai eggplant variety)

        Thai Room (irving Park and Western):
        best tom yum goong (if ordered spicy and they believe you), Very good whole red snapper with chiles (fried crisp enough so the bones are edible, also very good apppetizer of squid stuffed with pork sausage

        Thai Aree on milwaukee: A great, great nua nam tok and proabably the best thai place over all in the city (IMO)

        Yum thai - best in western burbs

        I haven't been to Lotus of Siam (and don't know if it is a fancy place or not) but we do have Arun's here. Very upscale and not hearty food-french-thai. But I still think worth it. It's been a while since I 've been but occassionally will go with special out-of -town visitors-I have an aunt from houston who insists my dad take her there when she visits. Of course my feelings about it are colored by how much I loved it before it moved and became prix-fixe (My best thai meal ever was when it was in its tiny initial location)

        Down on the south side - Thai Twee in Hyde park(which used to be Thai Twin) Is pretty good provided they believe you on wanting some spice.

        Of course there are so so many thai places in this city (one of its strengths IMO) that I am sure I haven't made a dent in trying all the good ones (or bad ones for that matter). If folks have other favorites please chime in.

        1. re: zim

          one of my neighborhood favorites is Opart on Western about a block south of Lawrence. The only thing I haven't liked there so far is the pad thai. There is another thai place nearby called Roseded that I've heard good things about but haven't tried yet. But I've had a positive experience at the little thai grocery store next door. It's on Leland just as Leland curves to meet Lincoln, a little west of lincoln.

        2. re: Vital Information

          Yes, I've been there. Went for the first time (to Vegas, and Lotus) several weeks ago. The food at Lotus of Siam was really, really good. But I felt I could have gotten similar quality food here in Chicago.

          However, I didn't do my research properly. There's a separate *secret* menu that you have to ask for--it specializes in Northern Thai cuisine. I plan on checking that out next time I'm there. My folks just retired out there, so I'll become quite familiar with that town and hopefully that restaurant!

          I've provided a link to a good chowhound thread on Lotus.

          Make sure you check out the Southwest Chowhound board--Lotus of Siam is all over that page!!!


          1. re: Vital Information

            Exiled to West Rogers Park, we found a place just over the border in Evanston that has a great mango and sticky rice: Thai Peppers, at Howard and Dodge (nee California). They also have a smallish but tasty lunch buffet seven days a week until 3PM.