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Aug 21, 2001 12:28 PM

El Llano

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Once upon a time, i practically lived on the lincoln/ashland/belmont axis. Wishbone, el milagro, donna torta (a/k/a tortas usa), golden apple, etc. were daily stops. el llano was a bit north of this realm, but still an option. now, i'm in oak park and, well i've posted on oak park before.

so, if el llano is open, fantastic. the best thing to order, is everything. that is, weekends only, one can order either the picada or the fritura mixta (exact name forgotten). the picada is a vast assortment of grilled meats and starches, served on a woooden board. the fritura is an assortment of fried meats and starch. the picada has nothing that us nortenos would avoid, but the fritura has a few, er fatty things that the squemish might avoid. Either way, you get the house salsa which makes it all worthwile.

columbian's kinda like korean with different seasonings.

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  1. Yes El Llano is still open, and I agree it's pretty terrific. I used to work in that 'hood, and it was one of the few lunch places within walking distance.

    Their plaintains are really good.

    It's roughly on Lincoln, just north of Grace, south of the Lincoln/Damen/Irving Park intersection.

    1. Vital,

      Sorry about the misinformation in a previous post. Yes El Llano is still open-- I was thinking of another old haunt for Columbian food, La Fonda, which was at the corner of Clark and Lawrence. They have been closed for many months.