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Aug 16, 2001 02:24 PM

White Fence Farm

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Sorry, I had to laugh at the comparison between white fence farm and harolds. Certainly, i guess no different than russells and kenny's.

That said, I've only been to the mothership (off of rt 55 on the way to st. louis). It's a lot of fun in a really old fashioned way. The chicken dinner is very mid-west, similiar to what you might also get in Indianapolis. Like any good midwestern meal, there are pre-dinner relishes, something made from corn (the fritters) and decent prices. Another place were the sum is greater than the parts.


for whatever its worth, white fence farm would make a much better chow trip than oak park...

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  1. A link to the WFF site, including an image of a dinner setting...


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    1. re: TJS

      Aha. I see why the comparison to harolds would be laughable: this place is more along the lines of Stroud's in Kansas City...any one care to make a qualitative comparison between the chicken at White Fence and Strouds?

      1. re: TJS

        Yet another spot from my childhood days gone by. Glad it made it onto this list.

        WFF is very good chicken, and a fun family establishment. When I was around 7, it was my favorite place to eat. I begged on a weekly basis to be taken there.

        I become (in)famous--within my family and at the restaurant--for the amounts of corn fritters I could put away. The servers eventually began to recognize me, and would bring me three or four servings of the complementary fritters at once. I would usually ask for more.

        Did I think it weird that I could pet chickens in the petting zoo just before I ate a whole mess of chicken? Nah, not then. And now I'd just see it as irony of some kind.

        Sadly, I feel that the chicken has gone down slightly in quality, and the place has a dingyness to it nowadays that I never noticed. (youthful ignorance perhaps?) It's still really good though.

        So as not to frighten hounds too much, VI's description of it as "on I-55 on your way to St. Louis" makes it sound far, far away. It's really not--it's in Lemont, just a short drive away from Naperville. It's worth a trip, especially if you've got kids.

        White Fence Farm
        11700 Joliet Road
        Lemont, IL 60439

      2. White Fence Farm was always great...a trip out into "the country" for a special occasion, but memories of the finest fried chicken of all come from a place that used to be in Downers Grove on Ogden Avenue called The Last Word. And outstanding cinnamon rolls with dinner, too. They expended into a buffet restaurant and it was never the same. Closed in the 70s sometime and ne'er to be heard from again. Anyone else remember? - Bob in RSM, CA