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Aug 13, 2001 02:55 PM

Chinatown kitchen supplies

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I'll be in Chicago next week and will be looking to purchase things like Chinese cleavers, woks, etc. Any suggestions as to where in Chinatown to look for good selection and prices? Thanks.

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  1. The best selection I’ve seen in Chinatown is at a little hardware store on Wentworth. I’m afraid I can’t give the name or exact address but it’s on the west side of Wentworth (200 W) a block or two south of Cermak, so about 2350 S.

    On the north side, Broadway Supermarket has an aisle or two devoted to cooking utensils.

    Another place to check is Chicago Food, the huge Korean market. They have a room of non-food items with a particularly good selection of plates, bowls, etc. They also have some less common things like real stone pots (for bibim bob) and large pottery crocks (for kimchee).

    Broadway Supermarket
    4879 N Broadway

    Chicago Food Corp
    3333 N Kimball Av