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Aug 13, 2001 11:28 AM

Chicago Food Corp.

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Maybe its just me that's late to this party...
I made my first trip to Chicago Food Corp., on Kimball, yesterday.
I needed some Dang Myun (sweet potato noodles) for Chap Chae. I did a Google search for Korean markets and came across a listing for CFC. Not wanting to schlep all the way to Lawrence or North Lincoln, I thought I'd give it a try.
This place is amazing, IMO. They have an extensive produce department, a great meat/fish counter, a panchan-by-weight bar, loads of dry goods and frozen goods, a cafe, a liquor department, and a housewares department.
Besides noodles, I picked up some kimchi, dried mushrooms, panchan, toen jang, and crackers. I'll be back very shortly to further explore the produce department and the meat/fish counter.
This is a great resource for those of us that don't live on the North Side. [90/94 North to exit #45B Kimball. As you roll down the ramp, its on yr immediate left. You can't miss it.]

Erik M.

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  1. No doubt about it, Chicago Food is one of the great stores in the city. ItÂ’s easy to spend several hours looking around. The panchan bar is outstanding; the best part is the toothpicks so you can sample before you buy (would you really buy a pound of salted pollack guts without first tasting?). Service at the meat and fish counters can be a bit brusque.

    Another really good, but much smaller, Korean store is Clark Market. Some nice marinated meats for grilling and a small but good panchan selection.

    Chicago Food Corp
    3333 N Kimball Av

    Clark Market
    4855 N. Kedzie Av

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      Clark Market the one time we were there - a couple of months ago - had some very moldy vegetables and other items that looked defective and too old. We decided never to go back. No comparison to Chicago Food Corp.