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Aug 8, 2001 01:50 PM

Sheboygan, WI eats

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Hello all,

I'll be staying at a cottage in the area for a week with my wife and young children and was wondering if anyone had suggestions for some good eats in Sheboygan or neighboring towns. Most interested in good brats, bbq, fish, pizza, etc. as the little ones have not the patience for multi-course meals.


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  1. Ezio:

    You can e-mail me for more specific cottage is near my small hometown, Oostburg. Sheboygan was the big city for me when I was growing up.

    I'll give away a great chowhound find: Greg's Tap in Adell off Hwy. A in Adell, WI. Huge plates of food for about $4-5, fish fry, hamb. etc. The huge plate is mostly FF or onion rings, 'tater salad etc., but full grown men leave in tears because they can't finish it all.

    Kohler is near Sheboygan (almost joined e.g. Evanston) A visit to the American Club complex and the design center are well worth an afternoon. Several great resturants. Herbie Kohler has done some marvelous things with his Millions (Billions??).

    My friend Jack co-owns Richard's in Sheboygan Falls.. a little supper club with banquet in back, they get overflow from American Club. Big drinks, fattening foods...higher priced for the locals, but seems like a bargain compared to Chicago.

    There are several independent resturants the locals will be happy to share information about. I can't really recommend a good place for is more or less a sin to eat them in a resturant. Look for any festival, car wash, church picnic, etc. Eat it outdoors, with the sun shine, balancing a cold brewski with one hand as brat grease flows down the front of your shirt....I digress.

    Have a great visit.


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    1. re: Peter

      Hi Peter,

      If it wouldn't be a problem, would it be possible to reply to Ezio's more specific culinary questions here on the board?

      You've already posted a great response, and I know that we would all enjoy, and be enlightened, with any recommendations and/or warnings about the area.


      1. re: Andy P.

        Being a Sheboyganite (and a friend of Peter's!) I can certainly add to his recommendations. His suggestion regarding where to get good brats is very accurate. You simply cannot eat them in a restaurant. It's a "brat fry" you need to attend. There's just nothing like it.

        A local restaurant that might appeal greatly to you kids is Charcoal Inn. By far the best burgers and steak sandwiches in town. Excellent for perch as well.

        There's also a great place right on the riverfront in Sheboygan called Brisco County grill. Great variety, dining outdoors along the riverfront, and excellent pricing. And they even include a roll of papertowels at each table! Ya gotta love that.

        For good mexican, try Tejanos in Sheb. We also seem to have developed quite the array of Chinese buffet style places: I think there are now 6 of them. All yummy.

        Hope this is helpful. I know what I'm talking about and have the extra poundage to prove it!!

        1. re: Andy P.


          I asked to have Elizo e-mail me privately in the event he did not want to give away too much information on where he will be staying. Privacy is what many of the Flatlanders are looking for when heading behind the cheddar curtain. Also, narrowing the geography between north and south of Sheboygan would change my answers somewhat. Further, Sheboygan should not really be on the Chicago board.

          You should also note that I have not lived in the Sheboygan area for almost 15 years, although most of my family is still there. The resurant scene has changed somewhat. I have e-mailed 5 or 6 friends who still live in the area and hopefully they will respond.


      2. I would have to agree with Peter and Tassie. As the owner of Richard's Restaurant in Sheboygan Falls, I would love to have you as a guest in my restaurant, but I really don't cater to children. However, Firehouse Pizza here in Sheboygan Falls has GREAT pizza, etc., and chidren are very welcome. Go to a "brat fry".

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          Ezio Magarotto

          Thanks to all for the suggestions. Family favorite was the Charcoal Inn South. Double brats with the works, perch sandwiches, and coconut tortes were great small town fare.

          Ezio Magarotto