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Aug 8, 2001 01:44 PM

NYTimes today...

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Hi everyone. I don't know if this will interest anyone here, but in today's Dining Out Section of the NYTimes, there is a very good feature on Chicago restaurants and the role that they are playing in the development of our country's restaurant "scene." Anyway, the article talks about how Chicago seems to have developed as a top-quality and very desireable food destination without the pretension of NYC...which sounds wonderful to me. Having eaten in many Chicago restaurants, I'd have to second this motion. Check it out. Do you guys get the entire Dining Out section in your version of the Times? I remember we never could get it as a separate section, but rather as a part of the front or Arts section? My memory might have failed me...


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  1. Here's the direct link (you may need to be registered with the Times to see it...). Thanks for the tip off.


    1. No, we DON'T get the entire Dining In/Dining Out section. Grrrr! realized this to my inestimable disappointment when we moved back out here from the east.

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        I went to Lula twice this weekend, my first visits in a year or so, motivated partly by the very nice mention in the Times article, and by the fact that this place has become a favorite with my Logan Park dwelling friends (why didn't they tell me?). One late dinner, one brunch.

        The dinner was a little mixed: I had a special salad with 3 or four varietes of heirloom tomato, some kind of exotic plum, endive, pears (?) and some other floating greenery: it was very good: the produce was all exceptionally fresh, and i even like the fruit accents, which I am usually suspicious of. Their version of Penne arrabiata (with fresh chiles and tequila-lime marinade) was less successful: the pasta was overcooked, but the sauce was nice. My friend had a vegetarian grilled eggplant special which she seemed to enjoy a lot.

        Brunch was very good: good coffee, a take on eggs florentine with prosciutto, sesame bread toast for english muffins, some sort of fruity accent and very nicely prepared spinach. My friend had a very nice biscuits and gravy.

        So...i am eager to go back and try the specific brunch dish mentioned in the article, and see if the rest of the menu holds up.

      2. Emily,

        Thanks for the tip. I snagged a copy of yesterday's paper from the vendor at the 'el' station.

        How refreshing to read about the City's cuisine from outside journalists. Nice to see they weren't afraid to do a little Melman bashing. (Note: I've hated the resturants since my experince of having my number called in one line, to get a number for the next line...Moooooo!).

        I realize many of the papers in town rely on these resturants for ad dollars, its a business. That's why it is nice to see reviews from out of town. Please share any other outside-the-mainsteam reviews of Chicago Resturants with the board.