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Aug 8, 2001 01:12 PM

Conejo Alert!!

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I drove by El Conejo yesterday and noticed that it is now open again!! They had the same sign and everything. I couldn't stop, so I don't know whether it is still what it once was (for that matter, I don't know if what it once was was any good) but I propose a Chicago chowhound race to the bunnies. We can finally put that thread to rest...


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  1. Seth--the quest lives on!

    can't wait to read someone's report.


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      I *love* rabbit, so i'll prolly try it. Hey, they've been attacking my eggplant.

    2. I had forgotten all about this. I guess I might as well file this conejo report, for whatever it’s worth.

      I’d been on the lookout for rabbit tacos since the original thread. After repeatedly coming up empty on 26th Street, my first lead came from Jose the bar bus at The Berghoff of all places. He suggested La Casa de Don Andres in Cicero (on Cicero near Cermak).

      One hot summer day, after wandering around La Villita for hours, I decided to stop by. Turns out, Don Andres is a rather upscale place, certainly no taqueria. The problem was, it was closed for a private party, a rather fancy party. All the men were in suits, the women in evening dresses and not a word of English was being spoken. Even though I was unshaven, wearing sandals, jeans, and an old T shirt I went in just to take a look at the menu. The hostesses were very gracious and were happy to go over the menu with me. There it was: Conejo a la Tarimbaro (Guisado con Rajas de Chile Poblano)! I was tempted to try to get some to go but decided against it. I contented myself next door at Taqueria Aguascalientes, a pretty good place and a bit more what I was dressed for.

      I finally went back to Don Andres and had the conejo. I wish I could report otherwise but it simply wasn’t all that great. We started with fried smelts with a chipotle sauce (not bad) and had the rabbit and some steak dish that sounded good on the menu. Nothing was all that memorable. La Casa de Don Andres is a strange place, kind of a nightclub/disco (complete with mirrored ball) with a little stage and dance floor (no live music while we were there).

      I hope El Conejo is much better.