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Aug 8, 2001 04:04 AM

Gone but not forgotten - Golden Ox, Zum (longish)

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Speaking with my sister the other day and deciding on when and where to celebrate our mutual birthday she sighed and said, "God, I miss the Golden Ox." And in regarding that statement I began to think about long gone german food. Where the umpah or zither is playing. Where the waitresses actually wear those goofy-sexy outfits and don't mind serving the 4th drink 'cause they know the tip is going to pay the gas bill. And hell, the customers are usually fun and eat a lot. Zum Deutche Eck was sorta/kinda that place but the owner was an SOB. Places that gave you a relish tray; let you take your time; overfed and watered you and you still kept coming back for more, more, more. I would just adore finding a place like that to surprise her with. (She's a true meat and spatzel lover). But short of hopping the Amtrack and going to Karls in Milwaukee - I'm stumped. Please do not say the Brauhause on Lincoln - I had an ugly, ugly steak tartar experience there and will not be returning. Any ideas? Being dumpling deprived isn't pretty.

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  1. you might want to check:

    Resi's Bierstube
    2034 W. Irving Park Rd.

    I personally haven't eaten there, but have enjoyed a pleasant bevarage in their garden/patio while others helped themselves and enjoyed the sort of food you are looking for

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      FYI the kitchen at Reisi's is closed mondays. i went intending to eat on a monday night and was sadly disappointed! (although i enjoyed a beer on their back patio which is quite pleasant.)

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      Cliff Abrams

      Sorry, i can't remember the actual names of any of these places, but you might try the Lincoln Square area (that little shopping area tucked in between Lincoln Ave and Lawrence). There seemed to be a couple interesting looking places there. There's also a somewhat new Czech place that may serve similar kinds of spaetzel-accompanied dishes. Good luck, and be sure to report back if anything turns out worthwhile.

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        I've already been on in it in Lincoln Square and that's right were the Brau Hause is - the aformentioned tartar incident as it shall henceforth be called. Sadly there's nothing to be culled there rest. wise. Deli is an entirely different story. Meyers makes a weiss sausage that's positively orgasmic. Good prices on German wines too.

      2. bryan,

        I'll get back to you... my German friend was just telling me about a place...

        1. I like Resi’s a lot, as much for the beer and atmosphere as for the food. The cooking is very simple but good, mostly things like schnitzel and sausages. Resi’s has probably the best Weissbier selection in the city, of no small importance in this weather.

          One place I’ve been meaning to try is Mirabell on Addison. We stopped by late one evening but they had already stopped serving food. We stayed for a few beers in the pleasant bar room, wandered around in the dining room, and took a look at the menu. Everyone at the bar, both employees and customers, was extremely friendly. The dining room was quite nice with plenty of German knickknacks. The menu was quite large with some more elaborate dishes not found at Resi’s or Chicago Brauhaus. Looks promising and it’s definitely on my list of places to try. I’d be curious if anyone has some firsthand experience with the food.

          3454 W Addison

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          1. re: Rene G

            Mirabell. That's another one i was thinking of. Not too bad.Thanks.

          2. What I'm looking for is more of the old-school German. Been to Mirabell - yuck. Had one of the most god-awful goulashes (?) ever. Hitler would have blanched. Reisis? Been. So bar like. Just not what I have in mind. You guys are great but I'm getting the feeling that you may never have been to Golden Ox - that's the type of place I'd really like to find. Something similar to Ratszhes or Madders in Milwaukee.