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Jul 30, 2001 03:15 PM

Luunch in Lincoln Park

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Help! I work in the heart of Lincoln Park, Armitage and Clark, and would appreciate help in identifying GOOD spots for lunch within reasonable walking distance (I am recovering from a much broken foot).

This afternoon we caved in and tried RJ Grunts. I have never been a big fan of Lettuce venues and find myself even less so after my experience at Grunts this afternoon. Doggie Diner is a bit too far for this gimp, at least for now, and even so might pall (or become unhealthily caloric) three or four times a week. Ranalli's is overpriced, beyond awful in service and unremarkable as far as the menu and its execution. The Original Pancake House is not very interesting but might do on occasion, have not tried it since beginning this gig. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I cannot help but believe that there are some gems hiding out there and hope that y'all will clue me in.

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  1. I realy love the Original Pancake House but it isn't cheap and it is mostly only breakfast food. Have never had a bad breakfast or brunch there - everything is yummy...

    Isn't there a Gold Coast Dogs a couple of blocks up from the Original Pancake House? (haven't lived in Chicago for a few years now...) Not a huge hot dog fan but I used to love the burgers, especially with the cheese fries...mmmm...cheese fries....I'm having a Homer simpson moment here...

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      The spot where that Gold Coast Dog once lived is now inhabited by a fast food joint called Mello's. They do an okay gyros but have not had much luck with anything else on their menu. I wish it were still there, I too am most fond of the cheddar fries, they use REAL cheese, not processed-cheese-food-product. Thanks for the thought!