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Jul 29, 2001 09:16 PM

Leona's F*'s it up once again

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Devon & Clark/Ashland. Name of place. Thankfully cannot remember. Will I ever forget the Monte Cristo sandwich? I doubt it. Something didn't seem quite right. Once a 1/3 of a 1/2 of a sandwich was eaten I turned it over. Ahhh. Nothing like a raw egg sandwich. The cook hadn't bothered to grill the other side. Never, never again. The place was not clean. The ice tea came with about 3 pieces of ice. And the clientele had about four teeth total (including wait staff). Brought to you by the good people of "We don't give a flying rat's ass - you'll eat it and you'll like it". Leonas. Need I say more?

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  1. That's too bad, I've been meaning to try that place.
    It's called the Deluxe Diner( nee Steaks & Stacks, bought by Leona's to fix up). They apparently only shined up the outside, but that's about all I know from the road.

    It looks like it had great potential. Thanks for reporting on this--I saw a positive review in the Reader online, but I'll take your word for it.

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      I just want to add that it wasn't the sandwich or the questionable sanitary practices that turned me off. We waited almost a 1/2 an hour for two sandwiches. He ordered pulled pork - which he described as lots of vinegar and ketchup - and mashers. Two minutes or so before the sandwiches were up the waitress came to the table and said it would be 20 minutes more on the potatoes. This was noon people! Get your S*** together. The bill was comped after I pulled my Queen of Romania routine - "This is unacceptable.", etc.
      But I've had bad experiences with Leona's previously. I so badly want a good break/brunch place close to home and am so saddened by this.

      1. re: bryan

        What is it with Leona's? I used to like the one on Sheffield, and was happy when they opened one in Oak Park (near home). The food started out good, the service so-so. Both went downhill from there. Because of the almost agressively bad service, I finally stopped eating in, and only ordered to go for a while. Then they started screwing up my to go orders, leaving small items out, including things I didn't order, etc. After (literally) a half dozen instances of this, which of course I'd only discover after arriving home with the food, I finally went back and asked to talk to the manager, who was very apologetic, and offered me a $10 credit on my next order. A few weeks later I called in an order, mentioned the credit, and they said, nope, we have no record of it. Last straw - I will NEVER give them another piece of business.


        1. re: Scott

          So true. My sister once got a "little something extra" in an italian beef she ordered. A very large fly. Years ago we had just come back from 3 months in Phoenix and were seriously jonesing for a Chicago pizza. Three hours and several phone calls later we gave up. The coupon didn't exactly make up for it either. A whole $5 off our next order! They don't care because they don't have to. They make a fortune on delivery and in some parts of town they're all there really is. I'm considering finding out their corporate address and sending them these posts.
          For delivery on the north side (for this type of food) I use Calos. Quick service and only once or twice was something worth complaining about (a forgotton item) - but the food has been consistent. I'd eat peanut butter on crackers and skip the meal if Leonas was the only game in town.

    2. Yeah, Leona's seems like one of those places that should be pretty good but is really pretty bad. I'm not surprised by the spawn of their ilk.