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Jul 26, 2001 08:05 PM

Tribune Hot Dog Tasting

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This could be of special interest to John, the hot dog fanatic from NJ.

In the Good Eating section of the Chicago Tribune (July 25, 2001) the results of a hot dog tasting were reported. The hot dogs were purchased at local supermarkets and the panel consisted of members of the Tribune food staff. They didn't say how they were prepared or how points were awarded.

On a 9 point scale:

Fluky's, 5.6 points
Usinger's, 5.3 points
Best's, 5.3 points
Eckrich, 4.8 points
Armour, 4.6 points
Hebrew National, 4.6 points
Dominick's*, 4.1 points
Nathan's, 4.1 points
Scott Petersen, 3.8 points
Ball Park, 3.6 points
Vienna, 3.3 points (they don't say but I suspect these were the skinless ones)
Jewel*, 3.0 points
Farmland Black Angus, 2.8 points
Oscar Mayer, 2.8 points
Safeway*, 2.8 points
Boar's Head, 2.5 points
Applegate Farms, 2.3 points
Han's, 1.6 points

* large supermarket chains; don’t know who actually makes the sausages

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  1. Thank you so much for your post! I found the article from the Tribune online. I had a Usinger's all beef frank today, as a matter of fact. I order them from the company. I also have had the Best brand frank. In N.J. it goes by the name Shofar Kosher, but it is the same. Both are high quality. I would rate Usinger's the best all beef frank I've had, followed by Best (Newark), than Best (Chicago) and then Vienna. The Vienna I had from a hot dog truck in Jersey was skinless; I've never tasted the ones with the natural casing. Boars Head is available in N.J. and has a reputation as a quality frank, but I feel it is overrated and nothing special. I haven't tried the Fluky's frank, but I know that it is produced by Klement's, which is a suasage maker from Wisconsin and a competitor of Usinger's there. In an earlier post, I've provided the website for the article documenting this. Can't wait to try this particular hot dog, although from the many posts on this forum it seems that Chicagoans prefer hot dog places that serve Vienna Beef franks and give Fluky's low marks.