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Jul 26, 2001 05:45 PM

Fiesta Del Sol

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Dear 'Hounds:

Its been about 7 years since I went to Fiesta Del Sol, trips to the summer place wreak havoc on the weekend festivals. However, I find myself trapped in the City this weekend including my engagement with Pilsen storefront theater: Thirsty Theater's Board member evening (lots of press due to Ald. Natarus starring in one of the Jeffrey Sweet one acts--see metromix..sorry I plugged).

Anywho... anyone with more updated history that can guide this Gringo to some of the food finds I might not otherwise experience?? Metromix is not much help. I remember this festival growing by leaps and bounds last time I checked. I thought they might have better coverage.

As you have seen from my Maxwell Street post, I pretty much see and eat the Mexican Street fare, but other than that I am fairly limited. Your suggestions are appreciated as I will be in that 'hood most of the weekend.


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  1. Regardless of the protocol, I'm responding to my own post.

    Fiesta Del Sol, is another victim of the City of Chicago's sanitized neighborhood fest program. The festival I remember was more homey and a bit reckless, does every part of the City really need to be safe for tourists? Or, should there be some areas safe from tourists?