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Jul 23, 2001 04:04 PM

Walking distance from Northwestern University

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We will be at Northwestern next weekend and would appreciate any ideas that are within walking distance. I have heard that there aren't many good restaurants nearby, but have never been there myself. We'll be there Saturday night through Monday noon, so any suggestions would be very welcome.

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  1. They're many good places near NU. For upscale and $$ try the Stained Glass on Benson. Also upscale and fairly close is Trio. Only go if it's a special occasion. It's very fancy and costly, but one of the best restaurants in Chicagoland. Great Italian (again $$) at vaPiensero in a hotel on Oak near Davis. There are several other decent places in a row on Benson (between Church and Clark) from Thai at the south end thru Merele's ribs at the north. Dixie Kitchen & Bait Shop is very good around the corner on Church. Farther down (east) on Church are Roxie's and Everest (good Hymalian [sp?]--kind of like Indian). A short cab ride away (or walk, if you're ambitious and it's not too hot) are Campagnola (Italian) Kino's (sushi) and a great seafood place-- Oceanique)in the Main/Chicago area. Likewise, a short distance away are a great new Italian place on central Street, near the defunct movie houses. I think it's called Turrio. And around the corner, just off Central is Jacky's Bistro-- one of the great, underrated French restaurants around. You'll need to reserve at some of these places, so call ahead. Hope this helps. They're lots of good places in Evanston. Email me your specific tastes and price range and i'll try to come up with some matches. Good luck.

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      Thanks for all the suggestions. The link to the Evanston Restaurant Directory was especially helpful as it contains a map plus addresses and phone numbers for all (or nearly all) of the places mentioned in the posts. I'm hungry already and looking forward to my visit.

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        or you'll be sorry. Dave's is a perennial Evanston favorite where most everything is homemade and cheap--real cheap.

        They've recently relocated to Chicago Avenue to a basement space that most think is an improvement over the dusty burlap-sack-ceilinged original location.

        The Chicken Marsala is a dieter's nightmare but excellent. Spinach Rotini is homemade and a winner with any sauce. Salads are abundant--get the garlic dressing (it's not too sweet). I don't, however, recommend the pizza. It just never did it for me. I think the problem is in the limp crust.

        I don't want to end on a bad note. So, just go, go!

    2. ...and for your junk food meal, go to Buffalo Joe's on Clark, right next to campus. Great burgers, sandwiches, and wings, and most important of all, the tangy, sharp cheddar sauce they pour on the waffle cut fries.

      1. I like several of the suggestions posted for reasonably priced meals at Merle's and Roxy (a little pricier). I'd also suggest That Little Mexican Place on Sherman near Davis Street. Also the Wolfgang Puck cafe on Church next to the 18 movie theaters is really good and fairly priced. The Flat Top Grill on Church is pretty reliable and allows an Oriental grazing experience.

        1. Evanston chamber of commerce or someone like that has put together a guide to restaurants by location.

          Depending where you are on campus, you'd want Downtown or Noyes, Main, Chicago and Dempster and Central are all reasonable (but a bit longish) walking distance, and definitely available by El train.

          I couldn't get the PDF to open right, it kept trying to open it in Photoshop, but the "by district" worked fine. It lists 10 at a time alphabetically, so just keep working through - each link has info including a description and a link to a map showing the area.


          1. Davis Street Fish Market: Davis and (I think) Hinman. really good, fresh seafood - so far, it's my favorite place for seafood in the Chicago area. If they have the bluefish dip appetizer, GET IT!

            (if fellow chowhounds disagree with the "favorite place for seafood" designation - please chime in!)