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Jul 18, 2001 05:26 PM

Carmines on Rush Experience(s)

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I wanted to know if anyone has had similar experiences. I've been to Carmines 5 times, and was dissappointed on all accounts. The service was very inconsistant, we had to flag our waiter down for everthing, and the food was good, but expensive. On one particular visit, were ordered the muscle appitizer, and half of them were CLOSED. When we brought this to the attention, the waiter shrugged, and said "Well, we told them to open." Worst of all, he didnt do anything about it.

Has anyone had similar experience, and would reccommend a better restaurant? Thanks

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  1. b
    Brian Lindauer

    I'm curious, is this Carmines related to the Carmines restaurants in New York?


    1. Alan - five times? Why on earth did you ever go back? There are so many good steakhouses here - why wouldn't you branch out?

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      1. re: bryan

        First off, its nothing to be proud of, so please dont make me feel any worse than I already am. The first two times were to try it out, the next two were for out of town friends (For some reason they love the place, and wouldnt go anywhere else, to my dismay) and the last time was just out of pure laziness, since I live a couple blocks away.

        Also, is Carmines known to be a Steakhouse, or Italian Restaurant? Beleive me, I would NEVER consider Carmines for steak.

        1. re: Alan R

          Poor Alan. Please forgive me if I seemed to be rubbing it in. I was just startled that you'd ended up there so many times.
          My impression of Carmines was that it billed itself as an "Italian Steak House." Please refresh my memory as to its location and perhaps we can steer you someplace that won't hurt you ever again.