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Jul 18, 2001 10:29 AM

Chilpancingo restaurant in Chicago....

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Hi! I have read through the posts regarding Mexican food in Chicago. Tried to make a reservation at Frontera/Topolobampo, but it was booked. So I made a reservation at Chilpancingo. I've only read a few threads about it any good. Any details would be greatly appreciated. I'm staying with a friend very near to the Art Institute, and don't have a car to travel very far. If anyone can recommend any other restaurants besides this one, I'd love that as well.

On another note...any good Italian, not very upscale like Spiaggia, but good food, moderately priced.

Thanks! Love the site. Emily

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  1. Frontera/Topolobampo are better, but Chilpancingo is a decent consolation prize. There is a tasting menu that is worth getting; I think that it changes daily.

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      I was in the same boat a couple of weeks ago - couldn't get in to Frontera, and settled on Chilpancingo as the alternate. Although the food was generally very good (if somewhat overpriced, IMO), I was more than a little disappointed with the service. Everyone seemed to be TRYING very hard, but service was a little slow, somewhat hesitant, and slightly awkward at times. (For instance, the waiter asked me more than once if I wanted another iced tea when there was a full one already sitting in front of me, but left without noticing my wife's empty wine glass.) The big problem though was that I was in a party of six, and even though it wasn't very busy, the entrees were brought out to the the table in batches of twos, spaced by several minutes between them. The last two finally came out, and there was a problem with one of them (it was a completely different dish than what had been ordered), so it was taken back, and the correct entree was rush-prepared. Ultimately, it was something over 10 minutes between the time the first and the last entrees for our party reached the table - a pretty major gaffe, I feel, as the food went cold while we waited for everyone's entrees to arrive before starting. The manager loudly and longly reprimanded the waiter when he noticed this, causing a little more discomfort for us - discomfort that might have been alleviated somewhat had they offered a complimentary round of drinks or desserts, but they didn't. Also, the grill area is in the middle of the room, which makes for an interesting view I guess, but the not-so-great ventilation in the restaurant makes you feel like you need a shower to get the heavy food smell off of you when you leave.

      Hmm...I guess I liked it even less than I first thought.


      1. re: Scott

        Thanks Scott and everyone else who replied. Usually I don't factor service in as much, unless it is horrendous, as I am much more concerned that the food is good, well prepared, delicious, pleasing to my taste buds, etc. I also have a reservation at Salpicon. Does anyone know anything about that restaurant? Anything would be much appreciated.

        1. re: Emily

          I haven't been to Salpicon, but everyone I know who HAS been there loves it. I think it got "favorite restaurant" on or something like that

    2. A place like Frontera in the heart of Old Town is the Adobo, right next to Second City. Great menu and food and they make the guacamole tableside to your heat specifications.

      A great Italian place on North Clark, just south of Foster is La Donna. Very reasonable and nice food.