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Jul 17, 2001 11:43 AM

favorite dog-friendly restaurants?

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A friend who I often dine with recently got a very big dog and since he got him from rescue he wants to stay with it fairly often right now.

that being said, are there any good places to eat with dogs (of course given health code regs they would have to have outdoor seating)


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  1. Hi,

    we have a book called "Doggone Chicago" that is all about where to take your pooch in the area. Your friend might want to check it out!

    Many outdoor places will allow dogs, but you have to call ahead, because some won't - especially if you have to get to the outdoor through an indoor area. We were shocked to find out that Cactus (on Wells, not sure about the Rush st. one) won't allow dogs on its sidewalk. We used to take our dog to Moonraker and Gourmand (both at Polk and Dearborn), call your fav. outside places and ask :)

    I hate to keep pushing Metromix (HONESTLY I have no affiliation, I just like the site :) but the Trib did an article on dog dining back in May. They suggest

    Bordo’s Eatery and Sauce
    Brasserie Jo
    Cucina Bella
    Gallery Cafe


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      thanks lee,

      I saw the trib article, but wasn't wild about these places except for Pauline's

    2. Twisted Spoke on Grand & Ogden allows dogs on their rooftop patio. I have a dog and have taken her there several times. They'll even bring your pooch a bowl of water. The food is good, very casual, mostly sandwiches and burgers and they have a great beer selection.

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        When I was at Twisted Spoke last time with my dog, they told me that the City had given them such a hard time about allowing dogs on the roof deck that they could not allow it any longer. However, they recently opened another casual place a block north on Ogden called Bone Daddy. Since the beer garden at Bone Daddy is on the sidewalk, it allows for direct access and the dogs can stay near you. I enjoyed the food, but it is a different environment than the Spoke. At least the neighborhood still has a dog friendly spot though.