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Jul 11, 2001 10:10 AM

Help-Need a late dessert place on thursday night

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Hello all,

Does anyone know of a nice dessert place that is open past 10 on thursday? Something Like Lutz or Selmarie would be nice (Nice but not necessarily fancy. North side is preferred)

Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. How about Zephyr on Wilson Ave and Ravenswood? Fabulous Hot Fudge.

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    1. re: Michael

      Has Zephyr reopened? About a month ago, I walked past and they were closed at a time they should have been open. Shortly thereafter, I read somewhere that they were having lease problems, but vowed to fight to hold on to the site.

      1. re: Jamie

        Nope, they're open and still doing business. He's fighting with the landlords children (the landlord recently passed)over the lease. Supposedly he claimed to have a long-term lease and when was asked to present it he gave them a lease without the landlord's signature just block letters. That's all I've heard so far but it doesn't look good.

        And while the ice cream treats are good, the rest of the menu is simply awful. I live just a few blocks away and NEVER eat there. Only get the occasional milk shake. I'm always amazed at the crowds, but it's the only game in the neighborhood where you can eat outdoors and there's no accounting for taste, or lack thereof.

        1. re: bryan

          This is true. The food is lamentable. I've only eaten dinner there once, and will never do so again. However, I return again and again for the ice cream sundaes, and the outdoor seating.

          I too am amazed at the crowds there, especially for breakfast. Thankfully, the untrained masses haven't discovered Joanne's just down the street on Ravenswood, and Sunnyside, which is one of my favorite good down-home cookin' breakfast spots. They have outdoor seating too.

          1. re: Michael

            sorry, but everything is awful at zephyr - EVEN the ice cream. I had a dish with old, chewy, freezer-burned ice cream with a layer of fuzzy ice crystals. gag. and that wasn't the worst part. whatever whipped cream substitute they use is so heinous and chemical-tasting that my mouth went buzzy-numb. like I was eating a battery or something. everyone I was with had the same experience.

            let me make one exception. I had breakfast there once and had some half-decent oatmeal served with brown sugar and CREAM! yum.

            1. re: Michael

              I'll admit Joanne's has it's moments but some of them have been sub-par. It irks me to no end to go someplace and get a great breakfast and good service one day then go again and get a bad breakfast along with bad service. This place is consistently inconsistent IMHO. One time we went on a Sunday morning and they had no bread! Come on. But I completely agree on Zephyr's. The food is simply awful. Every summer I am once again stunned by the crowds.

      2. Maybe Villa Kula? I’ve only been once but was pleasantly surprised (detailed post in chi.eats). It’s a very pretty room and all their desserts are home made. I just mooched a spoonful of this and a forkful of that from my friends so I’m afraid I can’t make specific dessert recommendations but most of them were very good. They have a variety of teas by the pot, carefully prepared, as well as a full bar. You better call to be sure but I think it’s open until 11 on weeknights (later hours and live piano on weekends).

        Then there’s always Margie’s . . .

        Villa Kula
        4518 N Lincoln Av
        Chicago IL 60625

        1. thanks for the help guys.
          it turned out that our plans changed and we were able to make lutz for desert. For those of you who haven't been there this a funky good place. It's on montrose just west of western and 50 or so years old . enter through a bakery with great tortes, pastry, cheese kugel and proceed through a little dining area and to an enclosed little garden complete with ivy-covered walls and little fountain and pond. (Astroturf on the ground though). Coffee served with whipped cream and heavy cream on silver platters, european style. I am not crazy about tortes so I can't tell you about the quality of these, but the cheese kugel-which they don't sell by the slice - is incredible. perfectly flaky crust encasing not overly sweet cheese filling.

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          1. re: zim

            warning: the pastries at lutz ARE very good, however, don't be tempted to have dinner there - the dinner food is not at all good. the service at dinner was kind of surly, too.

            1. re: carlo

              Gee, that hasn't been my experience at all. I've only been there once, but we were at the late end of their hours and had no sense of being rushed. Service seemed fine. We had quiche Lorraine and chicken crepes and everything was fine.