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Jul 6, 2001 11:01 AM

Help! I'm stuck in Glenview Monday night!

  • j

Does anyone know of a GOOD restaurant in Glenview?

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  1. c
    Cliff Abrams

    No, but Mia Francesca North is nearby, just off Waukegan Road. Look in phonebook for exact address. Good luck.

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    1. Try Gusto Italiano. It's in a shopping center north of Lake Street on Waukegan Road, I think. The complimentary basket of garlic rolls are fantastic and just about everything we've ever tried there is excellent.

      1. s
        steve drucker

        We always stay in glenview, and here's where we go:

        Gianotti's Steakhouse -- about a 15 minute drive south

        See link below for earlier posting:


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        1. re: steve drucker

          If you're talking abou the Gianotti's at Lawrence & Cumberland, that closed December '00. The chef and some of the waitresses are at Bella's - Diversey and Mason in Fullerton Manor. The food is good- not steakhouse but pizza and limited Italian-- & a welcome addition to a neighborhood w/ no Italian but the service is a real problem. Some days no wait staff shows up and orders are totally messed up. It's good for take out but I'm afraid that it will put itself out of business because of its bad service.