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Jul 5, 2001 06:26 PM

Homesick for hotdogs

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I grew-up in Skokie so Vienna hotdogs were always a vital part of my diet. Then I moved to the Boston area. I went home every year and ate practically nothing but hotdogs (with an occasional Italian Beef). My parents and sister have moved from Chicago, so I don't go back anymore.

Does anyone know of any place in New England (I'm willing to travel!) where I can get Vienna hotdogs. There is a place in Northboro (25 miles from my house) that has Chicago Red Hots, but the buns aren't steamed, the pickles are limp and the fries aren't good. I go there because it's better than nothing, but . . . If you know of anyplace please let me know. Thank you.

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  1. Vienna says they have distributors in all states. If you call customer service at 800-366-3647 they may be able to help you. You could also email them at and see who carries their products in New England.

    If you get really desperate you could order a hot dog kit direct from Vienna Beef and make them yourself. It’s not cheap at $44.95 (for 10) but after a long period of deprivation it might seem like a bargain to you. The kit includes ten 8/lb natural casing dogs, poppy seed buns, mustard, bright green relish, sport peppers, and celery salt; you supply tomatoes, onions, and pickles. They also ship Italian beef kits, Lou Malnatti’s pizza, etc. Take a look at

    I hope this doesn’t make you too homesick but a few weeks ago I finally made my first visit to Poochie’s on Dempster in Skokie. The hot dog was right up there with the best and the fries were awfully good too. I made a slight error in ordering my dog with grilled onions instead of raw. Even though these onions deserve all the praise I’ve heard, I think their sweetness sort of unbalanced the harmony of the condiments. Can’t wait to try them on a Polish though.

    In my several trips to Boston I don’t think I ever tried a hot dog. How do they serve them there anyway?