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Jul 5, 2001 06:26 PM

Homesick for hotdogs

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I grew-up in Skokie so Vienna hotdogs were always a vital part of my diet. Then I moved to the Boston area. I went home every year and ate practically nothing but hotdogs (with an occasional Italian Beef). My parents and sister have moved from Chicago, so I don't go back anymore.

Does anyone know of any place in New England (I'm willing to travel!) where I can get Vienna hotdogs. There is a place in Northboro (25 miles from my house) that has Chicago Red Hots, but the buns aren't steamed, the pickles are limp and the fries aren't good. I go there because it's better than nothing, but . . . If you know of anyplace please let me know. Thank you.

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  1. Vienna says they have distributors in all states. If you call customer service at 800-366-3647 they may be able to help you. You could also email them at regional@viennabeef.com and see who carries their products in New England.

    If you get really desperate you could order a hot dog kit direct from Vienna Beef and make them yourself. It’s not cheap at $44.95 (for 10) but after a long period of deprivation it might seem like a bargain to you. The kit includes ten 8/lb natural casing dogs, poppy seed buns, mustard, bright green relish, sport peppers, and celery salt; you supply tomatoes, onions, and pickles. They also ship Italian beef kits, Lou Malnatti’s pizza, etc. Take a look at www.viennabeef.com.

    I hope this doesn’t make you too homesick but a few weeks ago I finally made my first visit to Poochie’s on Dempster in Skokie. The hot dog was right up there with the best and the fries were awfully good too. I made a slight error in ordering my dog with grilled onions instead of raw. Even though these onions deserve all the praise I’ve heard, I think their sweetness sort of unbalanced the harmony of the condiments. Can’t wait to try them on a Polish though.

    In my several trips to Boston I don’t think I ever tried a hot dog. How do they serve them there anyway?