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Jul 3, 2001 04:56 PM

California Burritos in Chi-Town?

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I just moved to Chicago from Philly, and was looking forward to serious burrito consumption. However, I have yet to find a cheap, taqueria-style, foil-wrapped burrito that works for me. I'm looking for a California burrito:

-whole pinto beans (not refried)
-lightly flavored rice
-pico de gallo

Chipotle is the only whole bean burrito I've had here, and it really doesn't cut it.

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  1. try la pasadita on ashland if you do a search on this board for it you'll get more details.

    I suspect you're looking in the wrong neighborhoods.

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    1. re: zim

      just a note- you might not care one way or the other, but Chipotle grill is owned by McDonalds. with all the small family owned mexican restaurants around, I feel it is important to support them, not mcDonalds.

      1. re: zim

        From the sounds of it, La Pasadita is exactly what this person doesn't want. God almighty how I would like to be able to sink my teeth into a Pasadita burrito after work tonight, free from the cheeses and beans and rice and other sh!t that pollute "burritos" here in NYC.

        Savor your time in Chicago, it won't last forever.

      2. Don't know if they have what you seek, but I recall a couple of nice burrito-type establishments in Chicago. One was (I think) called Burrito Palace, and was probably on N Clark, maybe not too far from Fullerton. The other was a very small place right by the El at the Wrigley Field stop. Turn left as you exit the station. It's on the left, just after you pass under the tracks.

        1. You'll have better luck if you look for some place less authentic. Chicago burritos are mexican, not cal-mex.

          Have you tried Burrito Beach? There's a few of them if the area. Old Orchard Shopping Center, Skokie, has one in the food court. I think you'll find the type you're looking for there.

          1. Not quite sure but maybe Tortas U.S.A. has what you’re after. I’ve had plenty of tortas there (not bad at all) but never a burrito. I was looking over their menu and noticed they offer whole pinto beans and different types of rice (and just about everything else).

            Here’s the deal. For $4.95 you "create your own burrito." Judging from the mass-to-price ratio of the tortas (most are $3.75), this is going to be one huge wad of food. Choose 1 of 4 tortillas. Choose your filling from cilantro lime or Mexican rice or whole pintos or veggie black beans. Then either grilled steak or chicken breast. Finally your choice of 5 toppings. There are 26 listed including yellow or green zucchini, chorizo, bacon (tocino; better avoided if the tortas are any indication), ham, various cheeses, mushrooms, fresh corn, tomato, iceberg or romaine lettuce, etc.

            Tortas U.S.A.
            3057 N Ashland Av
            open every day 7am to midnight