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Jun 26, 2001 04:06 AM

Nick's Fishmarket

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Today is my 40th B-day. Tonight is my 40th B-day dinner. Asked where I wanted to go I decided on Nick's since I haven't been since the move. What's a must? It's been awhile and some suggestions would be helpful. I found their menu on but no wine list! Argggh. Any help would be most appreciated.

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  1. Was it bad? No. Was it good? Kinda. Sat upstairs because you could smoke and downstairs seemed rather stuffy. This may have been where we went wrong.
    You could almost see the dollar signs in the girls eyes when we ordered the champange. Did I just hear "Ka-Ching"? I think I did. Suddenly she was over to the table a little more often than necessary.
    Appetizers: He - escargot in a puff pastry shell. Nice. The snails weren't overcooked and the sauce was appropiately garlicky. Although the puff pastry just seemed like so much pomp and circumstance. She - crab cake nestled on a citrus beurre blanc. Eh. The crab cake was a thing of beauty. No filler, all crab. Held together nicely until that touch of the fork - just as it should be. But the sauce was virtually flavorless. A remolade would have been the way to go here. We split a Nicks salad which was romaine, bleu cheese, tomato, a creamy dressing and little wisps of fried maui onion. Pretty good. Main course: He - veal chop in a red wine reduction. Didn't taste it - he was guarding the plate so I'm assuming it was pretty darn good. By the time I got interested in a bite again it was all gone. She - steamed lobster. OK. This is where they blew it. How can a place that is supposedly known for their lobster overcook it? It was steamed almost dry. It got better as it got colder but it was 3-4 days old and for $50 a pop - well, you can guess. Why didn't I send it back? I'm still wondering but I took the leftovers home and made some homemade mayo with a little o.j. and some chives and it made a nice lobster salad snack. Since it was the b-day, they brought us a piece of utterly unmemorable key-lime pie with a merangue topping. Best part of the meal? The champange of course. I'd avoid this place the next time I want lobster however. One more note - since when did servers start pouring to the man first, when the woman was the one who ordered the wine?

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      bryan wrote:

      One more note - since when did servers start pouring to the man first, when the woman was the one who ordered the wine?

      When they are bozos?


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        I never ate a full meal at Nick’s but have had a couple pretty good experiences sitting at the bar for a glass of wine and an appetizer. It’s certainly no bargain but if you factor in the cost of the view it’s not too unreasonable.

        They have 8 or 10 decent wines by the glass (but nothing out of the ordinary, if memory serves) and a small menu of appetizers (most under $10, I think). The one I remember was a very good chunk of grilled tuna, not overcooked. I believe the crab cakes are listed but I haven’t tried them.

        The setting is fairly spectacular, with the sloping walls of the First National Bank building just outside and a good view of the Chagall mosaic. It’s a very civilized place for a snack.