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Jun 17, 2001 08:29 AM

Best Falafel Sandwich only $3.00 !!

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I challenge anybody to find a better falafel sandwich than the one at Sultan's Market in Wicker Park, 2057 W. North Ave. (1 block West of Damen).

The sandwich: first, a generous slather of hummus; then the freshly fried falafel; and then Jerusalem salad (the salad is pickled for a day or two and takes the raw crunch out of the cucumbers). It all melds beautifully and all for 3 bucks!! The lentil soup is fantastic too (and vegetarian).

This is not a restaurant per se. They do have a couple of tables in the back, however. Rather, this is a corner grocery, or "bodega."

For dessert, walk North to Miko's Italian Ice on Damen between Churchhill and Moffit. It's about a 15-20 minute walk from the Sultan's. The brothers Mike or Rick will take care of you there.

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  1. Check out Alma Pita on Wilson just West of Magnolia. It is all that the describe and more. The falafel itself is made that day. Fried to order and comes out crispy on the outside and dark green on the inside. I have yet to taste the treasure you speak of, but Alma is a gem of a restaurant.

    I also recommend the vegetarian combo.

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      Cant wait to try both of those!
      Please try Zou Zou on Belmont @ Shefield And get the Falafel Special. It has cabbage and pickles plus more1

      1. re: AdamL

        I agree about Zou Zou. The Falafel Special is amazingly delicious.

        Also try Taste of Lebanon on Foster, between Clark and Broadway on the south side of the street. It's a tiny little hole-in-the-wall place, but the falafel is the best I've tasted since I lived in Europe, and it's only $2.25. Great lentil soup, grape leaves, and baklava there too.

        1. re: michael s

          Michael's right on about Taste of Lebanon. But be sure to ask for it fresh. He sometimes short-cuts and it's just not as good. His taboulli is nothing short of fabulous. I've taken to bringing a container there so I can have it in the fridge all the time. He's taken to calling me Miss taboulli. Grateful for the Miss part.

          1. re: bryan

            Ditto on the taboulli there, it's delicious. I wish I earned the right to be called Miss Taboulli. I might steal your idea and start bringing in some tupperware.

            1. re: Michael

              Pita Inn on Dempster in Skokie - aww yeah! I love their hummus (not so much the baba ganoush, though). good felaf, the best kefta kabob ever!

              1. re: jenkins

                the middle east bakery on foster, just west of clark (not the similarly named place on clark) has a great falafel sandwich for $2.00. no sit down, alas, but i bring a tupperware container in my bike bag so i can get the sandwich home without squashing it. they also make great baba ganoush, which should not, but usually does, have even one chickpea in it!!!!

                1. re: joan

                  The Middle Eastern Bakery is fabulous too! Oh, such wonderful pita, feta cheese, baklava, calamata olives, and their spinach pies are to die for. Really.

                  However, I've found their falafel hit-or-miss. Sometimes its fantastic, but sometimes it's just ok. Never bad, though. They do microwave it, however, which bugs me just a little bit.

                  They're just across the street from the Taste of Lebanon I've mentioned earlier in this thread.

                  You can easily take the Falafel Challenge on Foster!

    2. If you're in the Oak Park area, try the falafel sandwhich at Grape Leaves on Oak Park Ave., just a few steps from the Oak Park Ave. stop on the Green Line L. Fresh made, nicely spiced falafel, great Jerusalem salad, a slathering of excellent hummus (I usually get a small side order with my sandwich), and topped with a sprinkling of tahini sauce, roasted pine nuts, and parsley - all for $2.79! Grape Leaves is a tiny storefront restaurant with maybe 7 small tables, but has some of the best Middle Eastern food I've found, and I've experimented a lot. Service can be frustrating sometimes, but the food is invariably excellent, and cheap!