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Jun 13, 2001 02:01 PM

Looking for healthy meat source on the north side

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I'm looking for any north side sources of good, healthy meat. Organic stuff and all that. I'm interested not only in whether the animals have been grain/grass fed, but also if they've been processed in a clean, non-corporate, well-inspected meat-packing plant.

I've found virtually no resources about this kind of stuff anywhere!


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  1. All meat processing plants are inspected, for what little that's worth. And corporate/non-corporate won't make much difference in terms of dilgent attention to cleanliness, etc, I'm afraid. As for cleanliness, it's impossible to know unless you personally survey 'em. And I'm pretty sure we'd find just about all of them pretty much distressing.

    You can surely find meat sold somewhere with all manner of reassuring labels on it, and those happy labels (going into great detail about pains taken, ultra-high standards, etc) are what a lot of people need for reassurance....but of course they're written by marketing people, none of whom hang out much in slaughterhouses, plants, etc.

    One alternative is to find a small certified-organic farm that slaughters and processes all their own meat. But even then, you can't be "sure", which, I realize, is a bit scary. But food's like everything else in life: somewhat risky. You can reduce risk slightly by being real careful and picky, but if you're looking for a warm glow of assurance, it's not going to happen. If the beef doesn't get you, the string beans will.

    The reassuring thing is that if we lived in sterile bubbles, we'd probably get really sick. We need the flora/fauna/toxins to keep our immune system in gear. We evolved in a sloppy soup of unhealthful contaminants. Ugh, I'm grossing myself out....


    1. Try the Whole Foods Market off North Ave, I think on Clybourne, or mighty close. It's right by Goose Island Brewing Co and Sam's.

      (Full disclosure: I work for Whole Foods in VA.)