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Jun 1, 2001 06:49 PM

Grand Ave. Italian?

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Oggi's, II Jacks (?), Bella Notte, etc.
Never been. [La Scarola, notwithstanding.]
I'm interested in opinions on Grand Ave. Italians, as they are in my nabe.

Erik M.

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  1. oggi and bella notte are awesome! i would order strictly pizza from oggi (the other stuff is good, but not great, however the pizza is exceptional.) at bella notte, it's TONS of food, very convivial, not pretentious at all, very down-home italian. everything is great. you can order a half order of pasta and have three days of leftovers! everyone who i have taken there has loved it...never been to scarola, although the rest of my family had good things to say about it. all in all, you can't miss on grand ave in my opinion...also i love the italian cookies at d'amatos bakery!! yum yum!

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      i'm addicted to the pizza at d'amatos bakery. though they ruin it if you let them heat it in the microwave(!) to eat at one of their few tables. also they make fresh subs, the bread being the key ingredient. there are 2 d'amatos, the one further west (west of ogden) has a parking lot. also, bari foods, next to d'amatos, east of ogden, makes great subs, has wonderful homemade sausage in their butcher shop , makes great giardiniera and is the only place i know of to can roasted red peppers in oil, not vinegar. they are a steal at $5.00 for a big jar.