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May 30, 2001 07:48 PM

Foreigner thanks you all very much

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Wow. I'd like to thank you all for your thoughts. These are my choices. If I've REALLY erred, let me know. You may all take it as given that if any of you come to Toronto, I'll be more than happy to comment on places here.

I have made reservations for Trotter's but I think I'll cancel them as I could only get a Tuesday 9:30 (tired staff, Charlie's gone home) reservation. I was also less than impressed by the attitutde of the individual who took my reservation -- it was a completely different experience from my last encounter with them. I guess that Wine Spectator article went to everyon'e head there. I wish Tru had a bar as I'd like to pop by and sample some Apps but such is not the case so....

I've decided on one of the aforementioned bistros for Friday (Le Bouchon, Kiki's or Aubriot), Saturday we're cooking up a storm, Sunday: Arun's, Monday/Tuesday: Ambria/Everest either one or both depending on the state of my wallet and stomache (probably only one looking at this list and then converting to Canadian dollars). I'm leaning towards Everest for the Alsatian goodies but Ambria sounds very very nice.

I've been to Bayless's place before and enjoyed it. Does anyone have any thoughts about Printer's Row?

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  1. Hi,

    about Printer's Row - I'd say it's good but there are so many better and more interesting places! And go with Everest over Ambria for 2 things - the best Alsatian wine list in the US and the view, which is spectacular. Very good food.

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      Thanks for the tip. I think given the time of year, an Alsatian list would be very welcome. Funny, my first "real" cookbook was andre Soltner's Lutece Cookbook which is about as Alsatian a cookbook as you can get in nglish.