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May 30, 2001 05:31 PM

Chicago classic foods?

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I am visiting Chicago this weekend (6/1/01) for a wedding. We are touring Wrigley Field Saturday morning, and I thought hot dogs would be a classic Chicago lunch. (That's how I found this site.).

Suggestions for an eatery near Wrigley? And other classic meals that are different in Chicago from Boston that we might hit on Sunday? We may aim for the Field Museum Sunday.

Thanks for sharing your local knowledge!

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  1. Kelly, If the weather is nice on Sunday (I hear the mid-west is having a glorious spring) and you don't want to be inside, may I recommend the Architectural Boat tour. It's a fascinating look at downtown Chicago from a watery vantage point. Truly, it's a fabulous way to spend an couple of hours. Let us know how it all works out. Pat

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      What a great suggestion! We want to tour a bit on Sunday, but with a 5 PM wedding that the kids are coming to, I don't want to wear them down too much. The boat tour would reduce the fatigue factor. (And my mother in law might be willing to come along, too.) Is Wendella a good choice? Thanks!

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      Frank Patterson

      The Wiener Circle, about 10 blocks away at 2622 N. Clark makes one of the best hot dogs in town. If that's too far, get one inside Wrigley as hot dogs always taste better when you're watching baseball.

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        You're a hop, skip and a jump on the red line to the Sheridan stop. Right around the corner on Irving is Bryons. Great dogs. And a little further up on Irving and Clark is Graceland Cemetery. If you're in a walking mood, this is THE place to go on the northside. It's beautiful and historic. As far as the classics go, I would suggest a little search down these pages or let us know what you think you're missing. Is there good Greek in Boston? There is here.

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          Thanks for the suggestions - I'll be bringing them. I always think of hot dogs as a Chicago specialty. Hopefully the kids' east coast stomachs can last until we get to one! By the way, Wrigley is open to tour because the Cubs are out of town, so an in-the-park meal won't work. (At Fenway, sausage and peppers are more classic than hot dogs.)

          I love Greek food. New England has lots of Greek ethnics (remember Michael Dukakis?), some good and a few great restaurants, but the best Greek cuisine always seems to come from church fairs. Homemade like Ya-ya used to make! I'll look for that for Sunday lunch. Thanks!

      2. Last time I was there (about a year ago), there was a great little Mexican eatery right next to the El by Wrigley. Exit the El, turn left and it's on the left just after you pass under the tracks.

        If you have time, try to find a good Italian beef sandwich in Chicago. They're the best!

        1. Well, I didn't end up getting my Chicago style hot dog on this trip - a great excuse to return since we all enjoyed the city. I printed out the suggestions and after touring Wrigley Field, we boarded the train, realized we were heading in the wrong direction, and got off at the first stop to go back. We found ourselves beside a street festival with live music and plenty of vendors, food and crafts. It was an adventure, and we had a variety of delicious foods (I opted for a rainbow trout sauteed with a blend of spices and served with cole slaw and rye bread!) Maybe North/Clybourn stop?