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May 28, 2001 06:40 PM

Is Gordon Restaurant Still Good?

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I couldn't find any mention on this board -- never a good sign. I loved this restaurant when I lived in Chicago. But that was years ago! I'll be in town soon and I wonder if Gordon is worth a try again? I'd appreciate any comments. Thanks

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  1. Gordon closed.
    Its now Naha.

    1. out of business several years ago--perhaps in the late '90's. Gordon retired to Michigan. A shame--sophisticated food and décor-especially the bathrooms, for some reason.

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        This kind of brings up the issue of restaurant longevity (or not). Recently I went through a list of Chicago restaurants and it's surprising to me how many are new and how many old ones have closed. I wonder if the failure rate is greater in recent years? And I wonder what success variables have been identified? I wonder too whether changing expectations from the public are a factor in failure or success. Some places (eg Carmine's) seem to go on forever. Others (gosh, I already forgot the name) seem to last a year and then, gone. It's an interesting thing that I never really wondered about before. Any thoughts?

        1. re: Querencia

          I will reveal my opinion on this thread in 2027.

        2. re: Frecky

          >> out of business several years ago--perhaps in the late '90's.

          Yes, Gordon closed in 1999. It was way ahead of its time, with contemporary American food before the name and concept became popular. I still miss the artichoke fritter appetizer.

          1. re: nsxtasy

            It was way ahead of its time just by locating in River North too before the area even had that name.

            1. re: masha

              So true! It may be surprising to visitors and recently-arrived Chicagoans to hear that that area of River North was rather seedy when Gordon first opened in 1976. Gordon originally was located where Maggiano's is now, and years later moved a few doors down to where Naha is now.

              1. re: nsxtasy

                Hah! That was the 'Boystown' of my youth! Sigh, I still miss getting a late night hot dog from Jumbo Jerry's on Illinois and Clark.

                1. re: delk

                  Is this a possible picture of Gordon's restaurant? I found this photo at my old neighbor's house.... I think he lived in Chicago from 1965-1978

                  1. re: Bogonara

                    No. And that does not look like River North at the time that Gordon was open (1976-1999). Sorry!

                    Here is a photo of the interior of Gordon, which appeared in an article in the Tribune on Valentine's Day, 2008, under the title, "Long Gone Restaurants - Our Valentines to restaurants we truly miss". You'll notice the sculpted hands holding the curtain drawstring back, typical of the whimsy in its décor.

                2. re: nsxtasy

                  I remember when Scoozi first opened in the mid-80's, even farther West. That area was truly dicey.