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May 27, 2001 01:47 PM

the most important meal of the day

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What is wrong with you people, I found minimal postings for good breakfasts in Chi-town. But, now is your chance, where should we go? Especially inside the Loop. we are staying close to Division and State. Also any places just off the El. Another thing, I am particularly fond of egg.

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    Frank Patterson

    Lou Mitchell's, at Jackson and Jefferson, just west of the loop. The restaurant has been named best breakfast spot in America by at least a couple of publications.

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      Nu-uh. Really not as good as it used to be since Lou (moment of silence) died. If you do a search, you'll find a report from this summer. Original Pancake House in Wilmette is excellent. Super Cup on Clark near Fullerton isn't bad, better than a lot of the downtown joints (avoid Marquette Inns). Good Hotel breakfasts include The Ritz and The Four Seasons. Pricey but quite nice.

      1. re: Frank Patterson

        Although not exactly your standard diner breakfast, if you haven't been to the Bongo Room on Milwaukee Ave. in Wicker Park, you are definitely missing out. Top of the line ingredients, amazing menu (the carrot cake pancakes are fantastic and not as sweet as they sound), and good service. One thing, if you are going on the weekend, show up at around 9:30 and wait til the doors open becuase there is always a line.


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        steve drucker

        Tempo Cafe, State & Chestnut. Please see link below to earlier posting.