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May 27, 2001 06:11 AM

Best Hotdogs in Chicago?

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I live in Scotland and am soon to come to Chicago on a trip to look at the fast food industry. Where and what are the best hotdogs in Chicago and why? All help gratefully recieved!!

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  1. I am very fond of the Superdawg @ Milawakee and Devon.
    Good hot dog and an interesting place. Truly, I really have to ask my fellow Chicagoans to weigh in on this one.

    Like most ex-pat Chicagoans that I have corresponded with, I really miss the supreme quality of the ambient 'dog and the stunning array of toppings. Note: always ask if they have celery salt... It's very good on the ol dog along with tomatoes and cukes. And of course sport peppers ... ( small pickeled hot peppers)

    I really have to ask my fellow Chicagoans to weigh in on this one.
    I find that most Chicagoans don't understand how wonderful the low-end food is in Chicago. Please share your hot dog finds... They are better then you think!

    I have yet to find a hot dog,Italian Beef, gyros or Italian sausage worth eating here in New York.

    No kidding, the hot dog front is grim here in New York. At least to my taste buds. I hope to unlock the Rosetta stone of New York casual food.. So far still working hard at it... Pizza seems to be the best bet so far...

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      Chris Armstrong

      OK, my original post may have been asking too much--

      All I really need is a recommendation for a great Gyro. That's all.

      Thanks in advance,


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        LOTS of good dog places in Chicago; I think Stephen should search out the various threads posted about Chicago hot dog places here. What caught my attention, though, Martha, was your interest in finding Rosetta stone of good NYC fast foods. Let me dispel this kind of heresy right away: You will not find Chicago hot dogs in New York, nor will you find Chicago pizza. That's not to say that the NYC stuff is bad, just that it's such a different kind of critter that I don't think one can make fair comparisons between the two genres. I think there is good NYC stuff and, comparatively, bad NYC stuff, and I think there is good Chicago stuff and bad Chicago stuff. But the stuff between the two cities is so different that there is no way to compare in a fair manner.

        It's been awhile (too long) since I've been to NYC, and these might be rusty suggestions or passe; but, do try the Chinese places and middle-eastern places (falafel, especially). I trust you're looking around for postings locally on the Chowhound board.

        Good luck.


      2. Byron's. Ahhh, Byron's. Get the works!

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          I must politely disagree. I really don't like Byron's, or anyone else who puts LETTUCE on a dog. My vote goes to The Weiner Circle on Clark near Diversey. Even the tomato slices are consistently good - they use plum tomatoes instead of the usual bland anemic supermarket tomatoes. This puts them ahead of close runner-up Gold Coast. both have good fries.