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May 16, 2001 12:08 AM

M'Olive at the Whitehall Hotel

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This place was recently written up in Chicago magazine as one of the city's top 25 new restaurants, although Phil Vettel in the Trib gave it only 2 stars last January (in a review that sounded like as though the restaurant hadn't gotten all the bugs out from just opening). Anyone have some first-hand recent input on it?

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  1. i think the guy who gave that rating dosent know a thing about fine dining.

    1. I have no first hand knowledge of the food served but a few weeks ago I stayed at the Whitehall and took a peek inside: THE most unattractive new restaurant my friend and I have EVER seen! From the faux-mink trim on the banquets and barstools to the loud,cheesey murals of what looked like women disco dancing with their collective arms waving in the air(we guessed that particular pose gave better opportunity to paint in maximum cleavage). We could barely run out fast enough to break up into hysterical laughter. And to think someone actually was PAID for this decorating job!

      1. We ate there on May 27, and it was excellent! Food was wonderful, with delicious and creative Mediterrean influences, service fantastic. The chef even came out in response to my wife's question to the waitress as to whether she could get the recipe for the polenta, and in a friendly way went through how he had made it from what. Highly recommended.