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May 13, 2001 09:29 PM

Where to eat

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I am coming in for Memorial day weekend .... and will be staying in town... I am interested in a few good places to eat... If you had to make up a wish list what places would be on it... also any good clubs in town....

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  1. Chicago is such a huge restaurant town, you need to give us some restrictions :) Is price no object? Do you prefer some particular kind of food? Do you want the hottest hot spot or the old reliable hole-in-the-wall? Glamour, grunge, grits?

    My wish list would include the *perfect* roast chicken at La Petit Folie in Hyde Park, a pork chop sandwich down by Comiskey, steaks from Tango Sur, pasta at Italian village, a meal at the new place by the guy from Frontera who opened 2 new places, a charred polish, Mario's Lemonade ice....

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      Not to hijack this thread, but I'd love to hear more about these porkchop sandwiches by there a specific place to get them? What's the preparation?

      1. re: Seth

        Well, there are lots of places around :) The one I like is on 31st about a mile or so W. of the Dan Ryan (the same exit you take for Comiskey). You go under an overpass, and then it's on the South side of the street. They grill onions and on the same grill fry hamburgers and bone-in pork chops, which they put on a bun with the onions to make sandwiches. You want to eat it right then, if it gets cold the congealed grease is not so tasty.

      2. re: lee

        Price is not an object .... however I'm not bring a jacket and don't want to dress up... I just want the best food that chicago has to offer....