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Otro Mas/M.K

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On my recent visit, I was treated to dinner at these two places.

I was pleasantly surprised with Otro Mas on Southport Ave as I had tried their other location on a recent visit and been less than thrilled. However, apart from quite the worst Mojito in history, the whole thing was rather good. The Sea Bass main was fresh and not over elaborate and the appetizer of shrimp with a fiery salsa was sufficiently interesting to a tongue jaded after eight days eating out on the trot.

M.K on Franklin was not quite so memorable. A little bit of a triumph of style over substance. Again, an horrific drink ( purporting to be a martini, but tasting like the bottom of the slops bucket in a London pub - they did take it away and replace with a glass of wine, but the damage to my delicate tastebuds was already done) The food was fine. The first soft shell crab I have had this year was OK
The main of Veal, substantial but lacking any real flavour and, at the risk of causing an incident, Americans should NEVER be allowed to make chips/fries ( call them what you will, just don't try to make them )

I have to say though that the service was terrific, the waitress was humorous, knowledgable and entirely accommodating ( well not entirely or I would have got my face slapped )

Any other suggestions at this mid level for my re-visit at the end of the month would be much appreciated.

Cheers Chaps

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  1. I like Cafe Bolero. The service can be a tad annoying, slow. But excellent mojitos. Good seviche. Nice specials. Forget the whole fried fish though. You could easily mistake it for shoe leather. Ambassador Cafe on Ashland is also very, very good.

    1. french bistro: le bouchon on damen ave.
      similar to m.k.: one sixty blue or blackbird
      similar to mas: cafe 28 over by irving pk. el
      perennial pleaser: marche
      sushi: mirai