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Apr 21, 2001 10:35 AM


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For what it's worth, me and a friend had great sushi (and i don't even particularly like the stuff) at Mairi (sp.? -- it's on Division St.). Several kinds of the best tuna i've ever had as well as softshell crab "cocktail" that was also supremely fresh with excellent, unusual flavors. Mainly, though, Chicago critics are always carping about the snooty service, and we were treated very well. We actually arrived before they were ready, and they let us linger on the soft furniture in the upper-floor bar and drink wine. The young servers were friendly and polite. But then again we're pretty easy. Unlike, i suspect some of the egregious yuppies that started to fill the place as we were leaving. Pricey, but some of the best sushi around, and given the service, worth a try.

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  1. It's Mirai...and I agree, the sushi is terrific.


    1. i agree, i had read so many bad service-related reviews that i was really nervous to go there. however, it was unfounded. we were treated just fine, the sushi was excellent (fresh and large pieces) and that cosmo (the red one, i think it's called) is awesome. i must say though, that the chairs are a little uncomfortable. i think mirai is cool and perhaps the badmouthing of the service is not deserved. :)