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Apr 11, 2001 09:06 PM

NY Hound needs help

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Fellow Dogs,
Having dinner with about 8 of my clients ( Real loose, fun bunch that I have known a few years now )
We usually eat up in Northbrook - Wildfire, P.F. Changs, Tuscany, and want to get together somewhere closer to the city. I checked Zagats and sort of like the looks of the following;
Centro Ristorante
Rosebud on Rush
Trattoria #10
Va Pensiero
Need Help on these and any other suggestions.
Many thanks,
John K

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  1. e
    Efrain Madrigal

    I would recommend Cafe 28 (1800 W. Irving Park Rd.)for the group you describe. Outrageously good food- Cuban/Mexican/Fusion, fun wine list (more authentic style Sangria is available as well) and very good service.


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    1. re: Efrain Madrigal

      in the same vein, Mas and it's new sibling Otro Mas, offer up yummy "nuevo latino" food. the bar focuses on tropical cocktails which imo, is very fun (mojitos, capirinhas, etc) and they have a nice wine list that includes a lot of spanish and chilean stuff. the food is good and it's very hip and lively.

      Link: http://

      1. re: Rhiannon

        I'd go to Trio in Evanston

        1. re: MarthaD

          Thanks for the suggestions.
          Can you tell me more about Trio ?

          1. re: John Knoesel

            Hope you don't mind my jumping in here. I live in Evanston. Anyway, the food at Trio is pretty good, though very expensive. You're paying for the fancy plates on which they serve everything as well as good service and "artful" presentation. Strikes me as not exactly a chowhound kinda place. Suggest you try Jacky's Bisto, also (in a quiet neighborhood) in Evanston. Great, simply presented French food. Everything (at least what i've had) is well prepared and full of complex, deep flavors. Good luck.

    2. John, scroll/search the Chicago board to read commentary on A Tavola and Tufano's (Vernon Park Tap).
      FWIW, the places you listed are an awful lot like Tuscany, IMO. If you want Italian, but are looking for something a little different, see the remarks on the aforementioned.

      Erik M.