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Apr 10, 2001 09:12 PM

More Goat

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I don’t check this board as regularly as I should and just noticed the question concerning my birrieria post from a couple months ago.

I do believe Ocotlan closes early, maybe 6 or 7 on Saturdays.

I sure thought there were some other taquerias on 26th that also serve goat but I could be mistaken. Did you try Atotonilco at 3916 W 26th? Even if they don’t have goat, it’s still a great spot. I just posted a long piece about 26th St on chi.eats; take a look if it sounds interesting.

There are a couple other places you could try. If you look in the phone book under ‘B’ you’ll find Birrias Huentitan (4019 W North) and Birrieria Jalisco (2462 W 47th). I haven’t tried either, so you’re on your own.

Now that the weather is moderating, the New Maxwell Street Market is probably worth a visit. Don’t know if the goat stall is back yet but the tacos and consome were good last season. It was on Canal somewhere around 14th; I don’t remember if it had a name.

Let us know how the quest is going.

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  1. There's also some goat served at Los Arcos restaurant on Clark and Gregory (near Bryn Mawr); if it's tacos you're looking for I'm not sure that they have goat tacos but they have a goat soup and a few other goat dishes...

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      on the corner of milwake and fullerton there is a small mexican resturaunt sevrving decent goat tacos. The baracoe(marinated potroast) tacos are also good.