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Muller Meats Rocks

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I love Muller Meats 2439 W Peterson Ave Chicago, IL (773) 561-7580! That's about 1 Block West of Granville I miss Muller Meats! I say this because I recently moved to NYC and after riding on the subway for 40 mins to try yet another butcher replacement, I must say Muller Meats was on my mind. Why?

They have wonderful quality meats and excellent chicken, great baby back ribs , and now that grilling season is upon us... THE BEST BRATWURST I have ever had!(Yes, I've had ones in WI- My sister in law lives there) They are very fresh- they make them right on the premises. It's wonderfully spiced, moist without being greasy, with a natural casing. If you order make sure you ask for the fresh brat. Otherwise, you might get a packaged mass market parboiled one. They also have wonderful Italian sausage and I must say the Hot Italian is HOT!! Wonderful on the grill! The prices are soooo reasonable... And they deliver... And it 's a nice neighborhood kind of place. Just two middle aged guys listening to the Cubs on the radio cutting meat. How I miss them...

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  1. Whoops As MY DH corrected me---- Its one block west of Western eck eck eck