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Mar 24, 2001 08:54 PM

Chinese Food near Ravenswood?

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Just wondering if anyone knows of any good Chinese restaurants in the Ravenswood area, preferably higher end place with good quality?
and while i'm on the subject....anyone been to Chen's on Clark? was wondering how it is :-)

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  1. I've been in Ravenswood for three years now and you're shit outta luck. There are two really scary places on Damen that have been shut down by the board of health. They've reopened but I just whistle whenever I pass them. There is good Thai.

    Chens is good but really overpriced.

    1. Try Charming Wok at Lawrence and Broadway. It's not actually in Ravenswood, but close. Before they moved to this location, it was delivery only and I've ordered from they for many years. I've only been in the new dining room once. It was nice, but not fancy. They have a lunch buffet which attracts a varied crowd.

      1. This is a little bit east for Ravenswood---it's on Broadway at Catalpa, just across from St. Ita's Church---but worth the trip. Try Mei Shung. It's won awards and is really popular in the neighborhood.

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          Mei Shung is worth the trip from Ravenswood. It's the best Chinese food anywhere near the area. They deliver too.