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Mar 5, 2001 07:19 AM

prime rib suggestions?

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When we visit Chicago next month, my husband would like to get a really good prime rib dinner (yorkshire pudding would be nice too). Any suggestions? Is Lawry's good? Thanks.

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  1. Lawry's is excellent. Yorkshire pudding a mile high. Good service too. But everything is a la carte so it can get quite pricey. Make a reservation though. It's always filled with tourists. (Especially Japanese businessmen.)

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    1. re: bryan
      Cliff Abrams

      I went to Lawry's (admittedly in Dallas TX. And there was a tablefull of Japanese tourists there, too!) recently and, aside from the meat, which was excellent, everything else was so-so and, to me, had a slightly chemical tang. And then there's those ridiculous uniforms that the female waiters have to wear. If you crave meat, try one of the new Chicago style steak houses. Sullivan's is excellent, though expensive. The Steak Frites at Mon Ami Gabi can't be beat.

      1. re: Cliff Abrams

        I used to LOVE O'Brien's in Oldtown...