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Mar 5, 2001 01:37 AM

French bashing - Le Creperie - 50 million frenchmen can be wrong

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Been going here for years. It's around 25 years old now. Brunch time, so of course we expected a crowd, and a wait. But this is what I did not expect: We sat ourselves down at the bar. I was nursing a hangover and needed water, badly (We also ordered a bottle of cider). I kindly asked the waitress, who was standing behind the bar, by the water tap, by the ice, by the glasses. She said she would get a busboy. A ten minute wait. No water, no busboy. Again, she comes behind the bar and I say "May I please have that water now?" She replies, "That's the busboys job." Another 5 minute wait. I look at her with a puzzled expression, thinking, ah, this'll get her to do it. Nothing. A waiter comes behind the bar and I find myself saying, "Who do you have to F*** to get a glass of water around here?" It really pissed me off. I tipped the kid who gave me the H20 five bucks, praying to god it would get back to her and she'd be kicking herself in the place I would have liked to have firmly planted my foot. There. I feel better now. (Brunch, BTW, was good). Oh, forgot to add that when our waitress (thank god it wasn't little miss-too-important-to-do-her-job because I would have had to send her packing) placed a crepe down in front of us said, "Here's your crap." That made up for the problem - sorta.

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  1. You know, the food is good, but the service and attitude is bad. We went on a rainy day last summer/fall for brunch, and due to the rain, wanted to sit in the front. They refused, saying all brunch seating was in the garden, but that if it started to rain we would all be moved. Crazy. We got rained on, it was cold, just really bizarre. No one was seated in the dining room.