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Feb 27, 2001 05:29 PM

fresh chanterelles

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'anyone know where to get fresh (not dried) chanterelles and porcini...? Preferably in the western 'burbs... but I will drive for fresh 'shrooms... ;->

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  1. I get mine at Treasure Isle. I know there's a suburban location but I think it's N. not W.

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    1. re: bryan
      Cliff Abrams

      I'm going to check out the new Trader Joe's grocery store that just opened in Glenview. If it's anything like the ones in LA, they may have chanterelles and other interesting ingredients. Stay tuned.

      1. re: Cliff Abrams

        go to the weekly farmers markets. also the saturday one in evanston. there is one vendor with fresh porcini, morels, everything.

        here is a link for the chicago downtown markets