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Feb 26, 2001 09:03 AM

DA NICOLE-Italian restaurant on Lincoln-still there?

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In the early 90s while in Chicago in August for the Hardware Show a large group of us decided to go out for dinner and the maitre d' at the Marriott was able to get us into Da Nicole at the last minute. Subsequentl we used to go back whenever in Chi. It was some of the best Italian food I've had. Last time I was there was in 95. I recall the area wasn't that great and they'd call cabs for us.
Is it still there?

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  1. Yup. Still there. Around Lincoln and Belmont. 3200 North.

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      I remember they always had off the menu appetizers that were excellent but like I said it's been about 5-6 years since I've been there.

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        Anne Kamykowski

        I went by Da Nicola's old location this morning, just north of Barry on the west side of Lincoln, south of Belmont, and the building has been replaced by new construction and a new pizza place w/ a different name is there but not yet open. Am I looking in the wrong spot or did they move somewhere else?