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Feb 12, 2001 12:57 PM

Wicker Park

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My wife and I will be in Wicker Park over St. Patty's weekend. Charlie Trotter's is our dinner destination on Saturday evening (our anniversary) and I've heard that the Bongo Room is a great breakfast place. What are some other places in the Wicker Park area that we should check out? We love all types of ethnic food.

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  1. A caveat: Bongo Room is extremely popular for Brunch. An hour wait is very common. They are pressed for space, so this often means waiting outside, on the sidewalk. This is no fun, IMO.
    I'd suggest Jane's [Cortland] and Flo [Division], as possible alternatives. Both are quite good. Jane's is my favourite, of the three. They take reservations, as well.

    Erik M.

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      try toast on damen ave for breakfast or lunch. dinner @ mod on damen

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        All good choices. Bongo Room is overrated; Hillary's Urban Eatery on Division is usually better, though sometimes iffy for breakfast.

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          bill pisarra, jr.

          Anyone tried Pasta Diavolo, 1448 N Milwaukee? Read about it in Metromix, sounds interesting.

    2. Wicker Park is one of the restaurant hotbeds of Chicago. My current fun spot is Mod. Tremendous food, (an awesome appetizer involvind cripy fried artichokes, fried lemon slices, parmigiano romano, arugula (sounds weird, tastes great.) The Texas Truck Stop TBone is a meal you will go home talking about. Mod looks like a set from an Austin Powers movie, so the people watching is as good as the food.

      Another couple of favorites include Soul Kichen ("Loud Food, Spicy Music" is there motto), For Soul Kitchen, Guerilla dining strategies are in order. They take no reservations. My last waiter there was a 6 foot 6 tatooed, kilted and pierced refugee from the cast of Brave Heart. More mainstream choices include Cafe Absinthe and D'Vine. Second tier for dinner, Meritage, Echo and Feast.

      For breakfast, I concur with Toast. Bongo Room is great, but as previously stated, a mob scene. Check out commune, too.

      I live in the neighborhood, so I know the restaurants there pretty well.