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Feb 11, 2001 02:09 AM

Best place to buy fruit and vegetables?

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I moved here a few years ago from Minneapolis and was amazed at all the small grocery stores that seem to mostly carry produce. I would like to know where you Chowhounds like to go to buy your fruit and vegetables. My in-laws used to live next door to a family that would give them fruit baskets for the holidays with the most wonderful tasting (and looking) fruit I've ever had. I think they were in the produce business but I never found out more details. Unfortunately I wouldn't feel comfortable calling them up and asking where they get their fruit. I thought I would ask my fellow Chowhounds for advice instead. I should mention that I'm in a northwestern suburb but willing to travel for really great produce. Thank you!

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  1. Check out this thread from a while back.


    1. Family Fruit Market at Cicero and Berteau on the Northwest side of Chicago. I just bought raspberries for .99/1/2 pint and a box of the best clementines I ever ate for $6/box (about 40). Navel oranges as big as small grapefruit are .39/lb. Great prices and quality, and milk is 2 bucks a gallon. Tons of great ethnic food in the deli, too.