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Devon Indian?

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I'm planning to go up to Devon to get some Indian food tonight with a vegetarian. My usual choice up there is Indian Garden -- I like their Sag Paneer alot, and they are usually friendly. But I'm curious to hear if others have other favorite. I've been to a couple of other places: Moti Mahal,Sher a Punjab, and found the quality to be distinctly less impressive that at Indian Garden.

Any hounds have another favorite in that neck of the woods that I should try?

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  1. Hey Seth,

    Udupi Palace is vegetarian, and excellent, IMO. South Indian cuisine. [N.B. They are serious about their spicing.] I usually go to Viceroy or Tiffin. Viceroy isn't much to look at, but the items from the tandoor are pretty good. For me, the bonus is that they are rarely busy, so I can get in and out quickly. Tiffin is probably better, food-wise, and I'd bet its the most refined atmosphere on Devon. Both Viceroy and Tiffin serve alcohol. I've not yet been to the Indian Garden on Devon...only the Ontario location. [That's a favourite.]

    Erik M.

    1. Seth,

      Tell us what you did, at any rate...

      Erik M.

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        Well, my car broke down, so I stayed home and had truly awful pizza from around the corner. I will try Udupi next time I'm up there. Thanks for the tips.


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          I made it up to Udupi this weekend, and it was terrific. I had a massive four-foot wide dhosa (i think it's a dhosa) with potatoes/daal, excellent palak paneer, and my friend had a sampler platter. Afterwards we retired to Ujala sweet shop for rasmalai and tea. Thank you for the tips. I'm excited to try the rest.

      2. I would agree with the post above on Udupi, the best for South Indian on the strip, in my opinion, some really unusual dishes and very popular for good reason. Hema's (on Oakley just north of Devon) is a very different kind of place, informal and like eating at someone's house more than in a restaurant, and the quality may vary, but it's definitely worth a try if you want to try something different --jl

        1. ok,

          here's the scoop (as an indian who grew up in the city and spent many family meals on devon)

          The way it really breaks down is by what you are looking to eat

          dhosas--the place to go is definitely udupi
          veg buffet -india garden or hema's
          chaat/snacks (samosas, pani puri stuff like that) - the place to get this stuff is in the sweet shops. personal favorites are sukhadia and annapurna. Annapurna has better samosas, sukhadia has better other stuff
          kabobs - sher-a-punjab and bundoo khan (though not as good as the original bundoo khan the new one has a passable frontier gosht) Sher-a punjab also does a very nice daal on their buffet

          Tiffin is good, though it is in my opinion overpriced, you are paying for the fact that is the only restaurant on the strip with a "decor"

          1. For Indian vegetarian I too would recommend Udupi Palace. I used to like Dasaprakash also but they are now closed.

            Another pure vegetarian restaurant that’s worth a visit is Arya Bhavan. I believe they may have the only all-veg buffet on Devon. They also offer the buffet weekend nights, which is unusual (just about every Devon restaurant has buffets for lunch only). All in all, Udupi is probably better but Arya Bhavan can be a nice change.

            There’s another all-veg place nearby that I still haven’t eaten at. Mysore Woodlands is right next to Indian Garden (and occupies half of IG’s original space), across the street from Udupi. The weird thing is that Mysore’s menu is virtually an exact replica of Udupi’s. I’m quite sure Udupi predates Mysore by well over 5 years.

            Even the descriptions, odd capitalization, and spelling errors are identical. For example, both Appetizer sections have exactly the same 13 items. Both number 9s are vegetable samosas, described as "Crispy and flakery [sic] crust stuffed with potato, onions, peas." There are some very minor differences: "Udupi's Special Assortment" becomes "Mysore Special Assortment" but the description is precisely the same, right down to the abbreviation "Ms. vada" for masala vada. It goes on like this through the entire menu.

            Anyone know the story of the menu clones? Any comments on the food at Mysore compared to Udupi? Is it identical too?

            Udupi Palace
            2543 W Devon Av
            Chicago IL

            Mysore Woodlands
            2548 W Devon Av
            Chicago IL

            Arya Bhavan
            2508 W Devon Av
            Chicago IL

            1. Try the excellent andhra cuisine at Sizzle India... I have eaten there several times and find it to be wonderful food and consistent quality.

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              1. re: Kerry

                I don't know from "andhra"...what sort of things should I expect..are there specific specialties to look out for?

                1. re: Seth Zurer

                  Andhra Pradesh is a province of india in the southeast. I can't say a lot about the cuisine (I'm northern indian)Hyderabad is in Andhra which is known for its pickles and spicy food, I would imagine also that other southern indian specialties would show up here - dosai, iddli, uttapam

                  1. re: zim

                    andhra is more middle india then south, no? and while you have to go further south to tamil nadu for idli, dosa etc. you do get the magnificently rich hyderabadi cuisine in andhra - all the biryanis, kababs for instance.

                    have you ever eaten haleem?

                    1. re: howler

                      Oh, Haleem

                      this was my grandfather's favorite food. He stayed with us for many years and tried repeatedly without much success to try to make a concoction that would match up to his memories and I am sorry to say never succeeded. Later when I was older, and visiting him in Bangalore we went together to a place that he deemed had good quality haleem and I was able to see what he had been looking for

                2. re: Kerry

                  to watch out for: tamarind rice, biryani, haleem.

                  1. re: howler

                    Yes, Tamarind Rice is very good, but I have not had a very good plate of it on Devon - If any one comes across one they would recommend - let me know. Until then I will have to settle for making it at home - Luckily it is fairly straightforward and not as time consuming as many Indian dishes to cook