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Jan 31, 2001 07:31 AM

Flying Visit

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Hi guys

As part of a hastily arranged flying visit to many cities in North America ( Chicago, NY, St Pauls!, Fort Worth ) and need a few Chicago hints and tips for my two days lunches and two nights dinners

I have been to Chicago on three occasions and previoulsy tried

Charlie Trotters
Nacionale 27
Le Colonial
Heaven on 7th
Cafe Absynth

Any other suggestions for this time would be good particularly any good latino food which is next to impossible to get in London to any quality

Thanks in advance

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  1. What about Rick Bayless's great Mexican restaurants -- Topolobampo (dressy) and Frontera Grill (casual)?


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    1. re: John Tracey

      I would definitely second the Topolobampo / Frontera suggestion. On a somewhat more grungy front, Irazu in bucktown serves the Costa Rican Sandwiches, and really good oatmeal milkshakes.

      Non-latin-american: La Scarola is very good for troughs of Italian American goodness, and Tufano's has been touted heavily on this board (although I've never been there, and it seems from your list of previously visited joints that you're interested in more upscale spots). Manny's for corned beef (but, if you're going to be in new york it may be something of a let-down).

      Tom Armitage had posted below requesting info on Mexican joints, but never reported back. There had been some suggestion of places run by Frontera Alumni. Maybe your request will spark a follow up from him.

      1. re: Seth Zurer

        I just had another thought--Echo is probably up your alley. They have a menu of fusiony tapas--some asian, some french, some california--half cold half hot. I've enjoyed their heirloom tomato layered thing with goat cheese and the lobster ceviche.

    2. Try Wishbone - casual but cool (not pretentious) - several locations good 'ol American chow with a southern bent - amazing ham, spinach and sweet potatoes - and great pies and biscuits (good for breakfast too).

      Also, I have always been fond of O'Brien's in Old Town. It is a steak house but their food and service are just wonderful - steaks, seafood - once had a very memorable caesar salad made table side, too. It's been around a long time and I think some people just forget about it. It is solidly good, though!